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Ship: 1045 tons
Captain: Cawse
Surgeon Superintendent:
Sailed London January 4th 1879 - arrived Lyttelton April 6th 1879

The ship Coriolanus, 1046 tons, made three voyages to New Zealand. She made her first appearance in 1879. On April 6 of that year she arrived at Lyttelton, having sailed from the Old Country on January 6, a passage of 90 days. Leaving London on November 11, 1879, she sailed for Port Chalmers, where she arrived on February 22, 1880, the time occupied being 103 days. Captain Cawse commanded on both the above passages. She next visited the colony in 1889, arriving in Wellington on July 15 of that year. She had left the old country on April 13, so her time was 93 days. Captain Torkilson was in command.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

Name Age County Occupation
Saloon Passengers
Barezineky Mr B A
Cawse Mrs
Second Cabin Passengers
Drummond Mrs S
Gough Miss Margaret
Nicholls Percy
Paul Mr
Miss E
Roberts Mr W N
Shaw Charles
Thompson John
Thorpe Francis
Steerage Passengers
Cross Walter
George W
Crowley J H
Edminston William
Harris Jane
Kimber Clara
Morris George
Norris John
Riggs Jeanette
Saldie A H

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Lyttelton Times April 7th 1879

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