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The Commissioners report that they found all the Immigrants compartments on board the Mermaid in a clean and orderly condition, and that the Immigrants expressed themselves as satisfied with the treatment they had received upon the voyage from the master, surgeon and officers.

The rations had been of good quality, and plentifully supplied.

No cases of sickness of any serious import had occurred thoughout the voyage.

Great inconvenience had occurred throughout the mixing, in the same compartment, of free steerage passengers with the assisted immigrants, these being upon different dietary scales, and to some extent under different discipline. In the single men's compartment, some of the free passengers refused to take their turn in cleansing the deck &c., impending the maintenance of discipline and regularity. To this evil the Commissioners have on previous occasions, drawn the attention of the Government.

An exception to the general expression of satisfaction among the immigrants had occurred in the married people's compartment, through one of the bunks being injudiciously placed immediately under three of the ventilators which admit air from the deck. These allowed rain and sea-water to enter the bunk during bad weather, and exposed its occupants to the discomforts of cold and wet.

The Matron is reported to have endeavoured to perform her duties, but to have wanted capacity.

The supply of water from the condenser had been plentiful and good.

The Commissioners have much pleasure in recommending that all gratuities should be paid.

Wm. Donald
John T. Rouse
F. D. Gibson
R. R. Armstrong