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The Commissioners report that the Immigrants arrived in good health.

Two births occurred on board -- no deaths.

The Matron complained that the single women had not been ready to comply with rules, but nothing of importance was reported.

The single men's compartment was very dirty; the surgeon asserts that the single men positively refused to obey his instructions, as regard cleaning their compartments, and ridiculed his threat to report them on arrival; this statement was confirmed by the Captain. both officers complain that the Royal Instructions and Canterbury Regulations, afford no means of enforcing obedience to them, upon unwilling or recusant emigrants.

Gravely's distilling apparatus worked well.

The Commissioners recommend the payment of the gratuities to the Surgeon, Captain and Officers. All the immigrants spoke well of the quality of the provisions.

Wm. Donald, Chairman
John T Rouse
F. D. Gibson
D. M. Mackay
Lyttelton, N.Z., Feb 11, 1869