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The Commissioners having visited the Ship "Lincoln" at the Heads have much pleasure in reporting favourably of her condition, both as to cleanliness and discipline.

Although arriving at the end of a rough and protracted passage during very bad weather, the cleanliness of the several compartments was above the average.

No contagious or infectious disease had occurred on board. The only death since leaving British waters being that of a sea-man, from consumption.

The single woman are reported, by the Captain, Surgeon and matron to have behaved exceedingly well throughout the voyage, no case of misconduct requiring notice having occurred, but the Surgeon states that he found some difficulty in maintaining strict discipline owing to the presence of unmarried saloon passengers, an evil to which the Commissioners have had the honor of calling the attention of the Government in former instances.

The single male immigrants had all been well conducted with one exception. George Thompson, who having made use of threatening and abusive language to the Surgeon and refused to acknowledge the authority of the Captain, was very properly disrated from the office of constable.

The Commissioners have to report what might have caused serious trouble among the single women; viz., that part of the main hatch opened into the top of their compartment, the space being only closed by a grating of iron bars, wide apart, allowing free communication with the deck; great part of the stores also being by this arrangement, got up through this compartment.

The Commissioners beg again to recommend that hospitals should, whenever practicable, be placed on deck, in this case, as in many preceding, the only hospital for singles females being placed in the married peoples compartment.

The Commissioners regret to be obliged to call the attention of the Government to the fact that some of the provisions ran short, although the voyage did not occupy the number of days for which full rations should be on board; this occurred in some measure from the badness of the flour, of which the Commissioners forward a sample; it is reported to have been in this condition after the first four weeks of the voyage. The butter is also stated to have been inferior quality, and short supplied. With regard to the flour the Commissioners are informed that the "Warwick" emigrant ship, chartered by the same firm which arrived in Auckland the 3rd of May last, had to put into Otago for the same cause.

The Commissioners have pleasure in recommending Richard Olway, single immigrant, who is reported as having taken entire charge of an old and very infirm man, named Gaffany, who comes out to join his family at Timaru, for a gratuity of, say 4.

The condenser (Normandy's) had worked well giving an unlimited supply to all passengers.

The Commissioners have much pleasure in recomending that all gratuities be paid, and that the Surgeon Superintendent be placed upon the list for further employment.

                             Immigration Officer.