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The Commissioners have to report, that on their visit to the ship "John Temperley" they found the various compartments for the most part in a tolerable state of cleanliness. The arrangements were, however, defective, and especially the position of the female hospital, which is placed exactly abreast of the main hatchway, and consequently exposed to all the noise consequent upon the daily serving out of stores, and open to the effects of rain and the shipping of seas.

The Commissioners regret to being compelled to report that several of the single females appear, from the commencement of the voyage, to have caused great trouble by their riotous conduct; four of these are reported as having been imprisoned for misconduct in a cell built for the purpose. The bulkheads separating their compartment from that of the married immigrants were originally very slight, and required strengthening by barricading, having been repeatedly broken down by the girls during the voyage.

The Matron was totally inefficient, having no control over those in her charge.

The Commissioners regret to state that the Surgeon was totally unfit for the position in which he was placed, and they are unable to recommend him either for further employment or the receipt of the usual gratuity.

The Graveley's distilling apparatus acted satisfactorily throughout the voyage.

The Commissioners have again to deprecate the mixing of several classes of passengers (second-class and steerage) in a vessel containing immigrants. They have much pleasure in recommending the Captain and Officers for their gratuities.

R R Armstrong
John T Rouse
Fred D Gibson