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The Commissioners having visited the ship Gainsbough on her arrival in Port, are happy to be able to give a very favourable report , both as to the cleanliness and order shewn in the various compartments, and the general expressions of content and satisfaction among the immigrants.

The provisions are stated to have been of good quality, and amply supplied, with the exception of flour, some samples of which had been condemned.

The condenser (Graveley's) had worked well thoughout the voyage.

The conduct of the single female immigrants was stated by the captain, surgeon-superintendent , and matron to have been good. Some difficulties had, however, arisen from a cause to which the Commissioners have the honour of drawing the attention of the Government in previous reports, viz., the allowing single young men as saloon passengers in ships carrying Government immigrants. In this case, no misconduct of a grave nature occurred, but the vigilance of those in charge had been considerably taxed.

The supply of medical comforts and medicines had been ample.

Neither birth nor death, nor any case of dangerous illness, had occurred on the voyage.

The Commissioners recommend that all gratuities be paid. They are happy to be able to remark that the suggestion made by them


John T. Rouse
Fredk. D. Gibson
David M. Mackay