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August 4th 1875
Somes Island

To the Commissioners of Immigration, Wellington N Z


Sanitary Report of the Patients now under treatment at Somes Island -

Name Age Complaint When taken Present State
Charles Walker 5 Anarsarca post Scarlatina 11th July Much improved
Aaron Kirk 7 Typhoid 11th July Convalescent
Joseph Kirk 4 Fever Convalescent
Maria Kirk 30 Febrile attack from fatigue 22nd July Relieved but not quite convalescent
Joseph Voak 13 Typhoid Fever 13th July Not so well - Relapse of vomiting and disability
Harry Voak 6 Asthma & Bronchitis 23rd July Improving
John Black 11 Typhoid Fever 9th June Convalescent
Mrs Heath 22 Confinement 23rd July Doing well, mother & child
Charles Fox 19 Typhoid Fever 18th July Febrile symptoms still persistent
Timothy Harker 35 Typhoid Fever & Pneumonia 22nd July Very ill indeed. 13th day of fever - dysentry very troublesome
Mrs Cox 25 Typhoid & Pthisis 10th June Convalescent
Fanny Kingsford (Matron) Scarlatina Rheumatism June Improving slowly and able to stand
Thomas Oliver 18 Itch July 18th Nearly well
  - Kirk 2 Hooping cough July 29th Troublesome
Lucy Sparks 31 Bronchitis with croup July 20th Improving Convalescent
Mary Harker 4 Hooping cough July 30th Troublesome
George Button 3 Sceptic Eruptions 10th June
Thomas Button 2 Sceptic Eruptions 10th June
Mrs McCormick 36 Bronchitis 20th July         Improving
Harriet Patch 1 Herpes & scall head 20th June
Thomas Dunlay - Influenza August 2nd


AP Hamilton MD