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Civil List 1881
Stamps and Insurance

Name Office Changes since Session of 1880
Hamerton R. C. Secretary for Stamps, Public Trustee, Treasury Sec. Lands and Deeds
Davy G. B. Registrar General, Land and Deeds
Lord J. O. Deputy Commissioner Dispensed with
Brookfield F. W. Examiner, Land Registry
Shaw J. W. Clerk
Pauling G. W. Clerk
Cheeseman W. F. Deputy Registrar of Deeds
Cheeseman H. C. Clerk, Deeds
Clark G. Folio Clerk, Deeds
Smith H. T. Folio Clerk, Deeds
Smith A. G. Folio Clerk, Deeds
Hickson C. A. St. G. Chief Clerk. Stamps
Ewart G. W. Clerk, Stamps
Donaldson G. H. Clerk, Stamps
Brown J. W. Clerk, Stamps
Cooper G. Cadet
Sisson C. J. Cadet
Beyer Hermann Cadet
Somerville C. J. Cadet
Howe C. E. Chief Stamper
Smith E. C. Stamper
Davies John Stamp Printer
Hume H. Stamp Printer
Cording Edward Stamp Printer
Dorizac Fredercik Stamp Printer
De Castro Rev. C. D. Clerk, Public Trust
McBeth A. Clerk, Public Trust
Luckie D. M. Commissioner
Knight C. G. Actuary
Lyall H. S. H. Accountant
Johnston A. Medical Officer, Surgeon, Gaol, Public Vaccinator, Col. Sec.
Clapcott Henry Chief Agent, Reg. Birth &c
Knowles W. W. Clerk
Dean J. H. Clerk
Adams J. Clerk Dispensed with
MacDermott W. C. Clerk
Thomson J. G. Clerk Resigned
Evatt T. Clerk Resigned
Archer W. A. Clerk
Groudace S. Clerk
Scott W. B. Clerk
Smith R. T. Clerk
Munro C. Clerk
Crichton G. Clerk
Kenned G. A. Clerk
Brown G. M. Clerk Dispensed with
Todd R. Clerk
Caldwell H. B. Clerk
Walker J. Clerk Dispensed with
Bridge B. Clerk
Smith J. Clerk
Griffin W. S. Clerk
Fox M. Clerk
Gordon D. M. Clerk Resigned
Abel W. M. Clerk Dead
Ludbrook S. B. Cadet
McGowan R. S. Cadet
Crombie A. F. Cadet
Todd H. Junior Cadet
Sleigh E. A. Cadet
Blacklock A. Cadet
Hoggard A. P. Cadet Resigned