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Civil List 1881
Education and Defence and Colonial Secretary

Name Office Changes since Session of 1880
Habens Rev. W. J. Inspector General
Pope J. H. Inspector of Native Schools
Hislop John Secretary
Gibbes Sir E. O. Bart. Chief Clerk of Native Schools
De Castro F. K. Clerk
Kirk H. B. Clerk
Eames F. R. Clerk, Native Schools
Russell W. H. Cadet
Pierard F. C. Wood Engraver
Lewis T. W. Under Secretary
Morpeth W. J. Clerk and Accountant
Davies G. H. Translator
Russell F. N. Clerk
Butler W. J. Interpreter
Johnson H. D. Interpreter
Warbrick J. A. Cadet
Berry J. W. Clerk
Upham E. J. Clerk
Gill R. J. Under Secretary, Land Purchase
Sheridan P. Accountant, Land Purchase
Reader H. E. Under-Secretary, Com. of Armed Constabulary
Shearman R. C. Superintendent A. C.
James W. H. Superinteddent A. C.
Coleman J. Sub Inspector
Fox J. G. Clerk
Humfrey C. A. Clerk
Curry John Clerk
Crowe A. Clerk
Goldfinch J. M. Clerk
Sewell T. H. Clerk
Anderson S. C. Storekeeper
Bell H. Drill Instructor
Hyde Joseph Instructor. Artillery
Bradford E. Armourer
Christie W. Armourer
Davis R. Magazine Keeper
Warren W. Storeman
Kelly John Arms Cleaner
McKergan C. Arms Cleaner
Smith James Arms Cleaner
Colonial Secretary
Cooper G. S. Under-Secretary. Clerk of Writs
Pollen Hugh Chief Clerk. Deputy Clerk of Writs
Govett R. H. Clerk
Waldegrave F. Clerk
Lynch R. F. Clerk
Raikes E. C. Clerk
White J. Compiler of Maori History
Fox E. Secretary to Premier and Cabinet
Smith A. M. Private Secretary to Premier
Maunsell D. Sec. to Members of the Govn. in the
Legislative Council
Thornhill G. B. D. Clerk - Temporary
Lowe H. J. Cader - Temporary Moved to Survey
Brown W. R. E. Registrar-General
Teague W. E. Chief Clerk, Registrar-General Retired
Von Dadelszen E. J. Clerk, Registrar-General
Withers W. Clerk, Registrar-General
Side F. Clerk, Registrar-General
Dean A. E. Cadet,  Registrar-General
Frankland F. W. Actuary, Friendly  Societies
Fitzherbert H. J. Revising Bar., Friendly Societies
Hector Dr. James Director, Geological Survey
Gore R. B. Curator Museum. Meteorological Observer
Skey William Analyst, Geological
Buchanan John Botanist
Cox S. Herbert Ass. Geologist. Inspector of Mines and Lands
Kirk T. W. Ass. Geological
McKay A. Collector, Geological
Stock Ven. Archdn. Astronomy Observer. Geological
Superintending Time-ball
Park J. Messenger
Richardson T. G. Sheep and Cattle Inspector
Marriott J. H. Inspector of Weights. Registrar of Brands
Skae F. W. A. Inspector of Lunatic Asylums,
Inspector of Hospitals
Loveday L. W. Clerk to Inspector of Lunatic Asylums
France C. Medical Officer, Lynatic Asylum
Whitelaw J. H. Superindentent Lynatic Asylum
Gray J. Clerk, Lunatic Asylum
Kettles W. Matron, Lynatic Asylum
Didsbury George Covernment Printer, Stationery Storekeeper
Costall James Overseer, Printing
Burns James Overseer, Printing
Gamble J. Overseer, Printing
Warren A. F. Reader, Printing
Henley J. W. Reader, Printing
Costal Samuel Clerk, Printing
Young C. Machinist, Printing
Youmans S. Engineer, Printing
61 Machinists, Pressmen and Compositors not named
Franklin William Foreman, Binding
Woodward J. C. Binding Finisher
8 Binders not named
2 Papercutters not named
48 Assistants and boys
Kirk W. J. Stereotyper, Railway Ticket Printer
Gamble H. Stereotyper
Hay J. Clerk, Stationary Store Dispensed with
Phillips W. Clerk, Stationary Store
Watts R. Clerk, Stationary Store
Barraud F. Cadet, Stationary Store
Austin E. Messenger, Printing Stores
Revell F. H. Housekeeper
Atkins S. Night Watchman
Turner J. Night Watchman
Dowdeswell J. Night Watchman
Fitzgerald J. Office Keeper
Huett J. Messenger
Malloy T. Messenger
Hois J. Messenger
Juett A. Messenger
Goldsmith W. Messenger
Aisher W. Messenger
Clare S. Messenger
Coffey S. Messenger
Cornish J. R. Messenger
Archer W. Messenger
O'Connor M. Messenger
Milstead J. Messenger
Mueller L. Messenger
Smith W. H. Messenger
Sandbrook J. Messenger
West M. Messenger
Biggs J. A. Messenger, Museum