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Schooner: 120 tons
Captain: Daniel Joyce

Sailed Sydney - arrived Wellington March 17th 1855

Wellington Passengers Only

Name Age County Occupation
Bell Mr
Faye Mr
Grigger Mr
Newman Mr
Nicholas Thomas 46 Sussex Bricklayer
Charlotte Holmes 49
Elizabeth Holmes 19
William Dennis 14
Thomas George Luxford 12
Charlotte 10
Henry Lanyon 7
Charles Edmond 4
Mary Ann Dennis 1
Rixon Mr


Thomas Nicholas [aged 46], occupation bricklayer, wife Charlotte Holmes Nicholas, née DENNIS [aged 49], children: Mary Ann Dennis [aged 1855], Elizabeth Holmes [born 1836], William Dennis [born 1840], Thomas George Luxford [born 1843], Charlotte [born 1845]; Henry Lanyon [born 1848], and Charles Edmond [born 1851]. Family originally from town of Eastbourne, Sussex, England. Thomas Nicholas was a younger brother of Elizabeth Jasper Luxford who arrived on the ‘Adelaide’ in 1840. the family settled in Wellington where Thomas Snr, frustrated that nobody wanted to build in brick and masonry any more after the 1855 earthquake, set himself up in business as a builder. Thomas died in Wellington in 1881. Charlotte died in Bulls in 1891. They were both buried in the Bolton Street Cemetery in Wellington.

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Wellington Public Library

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