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Ship: 640 tons
Captain: John Byron
Surgeon Superintendent:
Sailed London June 16th 1859 - arrived Lyttleton October 11th 1859

The Cashmere, a ship of 640 tons, brought many of our early settlers to the Dominion. She made five voyages to Auckland, two to Lyttelton, and one each to nelson and Dunedin. The Cashmere had more comfortable accomodation for passengers than many other vessels coming out in the 'fifties, and many of our pioneers selected this ship when making a trip to the Homeland. The Cashmere was well found and generally had favourable runs out and home.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

Arrival of Cashmere

Name Age County Occupation
Chief Cabin
Bean Mr and Mrs
Chamier Mr
Chandler Miss
Compton Miss
Ellwell Mr
Fooks Mr
Fuller Mr
Hill Miss
Millson Mr, Mrs and Miss
Quaile Mr
Slayter Mr
Wave Mr, Mrs and two children
Willmott Mr
Second Cabin
Allen Mr
Baker Mr and Mrs
Collville Mr
Cooper Mr
de Gaies Mr
Goldie Mr
Hayter Mr
Hewitt Mr
Hope Mr
Joynt Mr and Mrs amd two children
Joynt Mr
Kirkhouse Mr
Pepperill Mr and Mrs and four children
Rall Mr
Wilkinson Mr
Anderson Mr J. and wife, one child Child (Elizabeth) died on board 01/10/1859
Bowls R.
Dean H.
Ellis R.
Guilbert Henry
Hanley Frederick and wife, one child
Martin William - For Otago
Offer T.
Families & Children
Atkinson Robert 58 Durham Joiner
Isabella 38 Died on Board Sept 27
John D 11
Robert 8 Died on board July 27
Elizabeth 3
Charles W 8 months Died on Board July 30
Askew Thomas 34 Middlesex General Labourer
Ann 33
William 5
Baker William Simpson 47 Surrey Plumber
Sarah 47
John 18 T/F to single men
Hill John 41 Middlesex Labourer - Travelled with Baker
Fanny 42
Anne 16 T/F to single women
Margaret 11
Louisa 9
Fanny 7
Sinclair Fanny 22 T/F to single women Travelled with Baker
William 21 T/F to single men
Barrett Robert 40 Glamorgan Labourer
Ann 33
William 9
Capstaff William 24 Durham Shipwright
Ann 22
Clarke Charles 31 Surrey Farm Labourer
Anne 31
Cox William 26 Guernsey Labourer
Arabella 23
John 3 months Died on board 2nd July
Craighead John 44 Forfar Ploughman
Helen 44
John 14 T/F to single men
Alexander 11
Margaret 8
Thomas 5
David 2
Bruce Infant Born & died on board06/07/1859
Davidson Andrew 43 Northumberland Labourer
Elizabeth 33
George 4 Died on Board July 19
Arthur 1
De La Mare Thomas 35 Meragissy Cooper - Son-in-Law to Thomas Glauville
Mary 36
William Henry 7
Thomas Uriah 5
John Glauville 2 Died on board - June 26
Albert 6 months Died on board -
September 16
Fraser James 25 Aberdeen Farm Servant
Jean 25
Daughter Born on board September 14
Glauville Thomas 60 Meragissy Labourer
Mary 61
Jane 31 T/F to single women
Caroline 23 T/F to single women
Graves James 31 Wicklow Labourer
Mary Ann 26
Catherine 7
James 1 Died on Board July 28
Gray James 33 Yorkshire Farm Labourer
Martha 33
Ann 3 Died on Board 1st July, name was noted as Emma?
Alice 1 month
Gunn John 26 Caithness Shepherd
Isabella 20
David 1
Ingerfield Charles 23 Hampshire Labourer
Matilda 20
King Joseph or Josiah 26 Durham Smith
Jane 26 Died on Board July 21
Margaret Jane 1 Died on board 7th July
Daughter, Jane Lack Born on Board July 14 and died July 24
King John 36 Durham Iron Moulder
Amelia 38
John 10
Robert 8
Amelia 6
Lord Thomas 27 Inverness Farm Labourer
Ann 24
Elias 3
Fedo 4 months
Luffy Thomas 26 Galway Farm Labourer
Bridget 24
Mary 2
Munro Donald 22 Ross Farm Labourer
Isbella 28
Son Born on board 3rd October
Richardson James 35 Durham Cartwright
Ann 34
Richardson William 34 Somersetshire Shepherd
Harriet 29
Roskrage James 46 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Elizabeth 38
Ann 15 T/F to single women
Thomas 13 T/F to single men
Lucy 11
Julia 9
Marie 7
Richard 5
Shaney William 23 Wiltshire Labourer
Louisa 24
Silvester John 36 Nottinghamshire Labourer
Maria 30 Mrs Silvester and the youngest child were taken out of the ship at Gravesend the child having hooping cough. Their names are deducted from the total of numbers on page 35.
George 8
Sarah 4
Fanny 1
Tweedy Stephen 46
Ann 45
Ann 20 T/F to single women
Deborah 17 T/F to single women
Dorothy 13 T/F to single women
Eleanor 10
Joseph 8
Sarah 5
Willson John 44 Durham Potter
Dorothy 42
John 12 T/F to single men
Ralph 9
William 7
Joseph 5
Isaac 5
Henry 3
McKaile Wentworth Adult & child boarded in place of Mrs Silvester & child.
Single Men
Anderson Thomas 16 Dumfries Farm Labourer
Baker John 18 Kent Carpenter
Craighead John 14 Farm Labourer
Dorley Thomas 22 Galway Farm Labourer
Elder Peter 23 Caithness Shepherd
Glendinning George 35 Edinburgh Shepherd
Hughan John 42 Dumfries Shepherd
Joan 18 T/F to single women
Janet 16 T/F to single women
Thomas 13
John 11
Jane 10 T/F to single women
Isabella 7 T/F to single women
Margaret 5 T/F to single women
McIlwrick James 21 Wigtown Shepherd
McLean Alexander 22 Perth Shepherd
Pearce William 28 Surrey Barristers Clerk
Pearson William 20 Nottinghamshire Labourer
Roskrage Thomas 13 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Ross Thomas 21 Ross Shepherd
Shayler William 11
Silvester Henry 22 Nottinghamshire Farm Labourer
Sinclair William 21 Bricklayer
Spring Charles 19 Middlesex Watchouseman
Steel John 16 Durham Shipwright
Willson John 12 Durham Potter
Single Women
Fletcher Mary Ann 38 Surrey Dressmaker - MATRON
Granville Jane 31 Domestic Servant
Caroline 23 Domestic Servant
Hayward Ann 24 Kent Domestic Servant
Hill Anne 16 Domestic Servant
Hughan Joan 18 Dumfries Domestic Servant
Janet 16 Dumfries Domestic Servant
Jane 10 Dumfries
Isabella 7 Dumfries
Mary 5 Dumfries
Mitchell Mary R 18 Forfar Domestic Servant
Roskrage Ann 15 Cornwall Domestic Servant
Shayler Annie 21 Surrey Domestic Servant
William 11 T/F to single men
Sinclair Fanny 22 Middlesex D Serv. Died Aug 7
Tempany Marion 24 Surrey Dressmaker
Tweedy Ann 20 Domestic Servant
Deborah 17 Domestic Servant
Dorothy 13 Domestic Servant

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Mrs Silvester and child who left ship - see page 6.


Wentworth McKaile and child who went with the ship, the remainder of the family being left at Gravesend. Children having chicken pox -------------- Accounts will be included in next ship.