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The Nelson Examiner August 22nd 1855

               Wines and Spitits, in octaves, quarter casks, and cases

200 packages Ironmongery, consisting of grindstones, spades, forks, crowbars, axes, wedges, perforated and
plain zinc, frypans, gridirons, saucepans, planes, augers, bedsteads, hedge shears, carpenters' tools of all kinds,
rakes, hoes, fire irons, butchers' hooks, hinges, taps, coffee mills, saws, trowels, fenders, cart axels and boxes,
copper furnaces, shot and percussion caps, shoeing tools, fencing wire, spring steel, &c, &c, &c.
150 kegs nails, all sizes
2 cases cutlery, all sizes
2 Avery's weighing machines
5 cases tinware, solder &c.
2 cases hair mattresses
2 cases moleskin and cord trousers
2 bales blue serge shirts
8 tons fine and coarse salt
1 barrel table salt, in jars
50 boxes candles - mould, steratine, and sperm
3 cases superior saddlery
19 packages sundries, consisting of washing soda, magnesia, saltpetre, Epsom salts, cream tartar, &c, &c.
74 boxes window glass
10 tons assorted iron
1 Scotch cart, 1 dobbin cart, 2 dozen navvie barrows
4 pairs truck wheels
3 tierces glassware
2 cases millinery
1 case paper hangings
3 cases boots and shoes
20 register stoves
18 crates earthenware
16 packages seeds, consisting of Swedes, Skiorving ditto, Deptford and Spanish onion, Timothy, cocksfoot, rye, and cowgrass, white and red clover, trefoil &c, &c, &c.
100 packages oilmen's stores, consisting of vinegar in casks and bottles, pickles, sauces, anchovies, ketchup, syrups, raspberry vinegar, marmalade, jellies and jams, bottled fruits, salmon, sardines, salad oil, capers, mustard, confectionary, curry, Cayenne, mushrooms, &c, &c.
47 barrels crushed and West India sugar
4 hogsheads loaf sugar - 10lb loaves
5 barrels currants
20 boxes Eleme raisins
8 cases prunes
8 cases French shelled almonds
20 baskets French pippins
5 bags Barcelona nuts
1 case candied peel
21 chests tea
20 bags Ceylon coffee
5 casks rice
3 bags pepper
6 cases, containing nutmegs, pimento, labonia juice, ground rice, arrowroot, pearl barley, sage &c, &c.


W. R. Nicholson & Co
Trafalgar Street, August 10