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List of persons qualified and liable to serve as Jurors with in the Province of Canterbury. 1853
P - W

Name Address Occupation
Paddock Charles Canterbury St, Lyttelton Carpenter
Packer Henry Cashel St, Christchurch Storekeeper
Packer Richard Cashel St, Christchurch Carter
Packer William Norwich Quay, Lyttelton Commission Agent
Palmer David Ferry Rd Farmer
Parleny George Port Albert Stockman
Parrish John ferry Rd Farmer
Parrish William Christchurch Rd Labourer
Parsons John Brittan Tce, Lyttelton Harbour Master
Parkes John Horatio Heathcote River Farmer
Patrick Joseph Papanui Rd Labourer
Paul Robert B. Casterton Clergyman
Pearce Edwin Royal Hotel, Christchurch Labourer
Pearson Charles Governor's Bay Farmer
Pearson Samuel Exeter St, Lyttelton Carpenter
Pepper George London St, Lyttelton Storekeeper
Pervis James Tuam St, Christchurch Surveyor
Philpot William Papanui Sawyer
Philpot John College land Labourer
Pitt William Christchurch Gentleman
Pickering William Upper Heathcote Labourer
Piper Thomas College land Bricklayer
Polhill Baker Norwich Quay Tide Waiter
Pollard Richard Royal Hotel, Christchurch Gentleman
Pollard David Riccarton Rd Brickmaker
Porter John Christchurch Clerk to the Bench
Pratt William Canterbury St Storekeeper
Prichard Charles Christchurch Solicitor
Prior Thomas Avon Head Labourer
Preston Thomas Worcester St, Christch. Servant
Puckle Edward Heathcote Parsonage Clerk
Rayner R. W. Christchurch Farmer
Reeves James Governor's Bay Wheelwright
Read Henry W. Dublin St, Lyttelton Carter
Redmayne Jonathan College land, Lyttelton Clerk
Rhodes Robert J. P. Rhodes Bay Stockowner
Rogers George Papanui Gentleman
Rhodes Alfred Oxford St Boatman
Rogers George Papanui Gentleman
Ronsley John Canterbury St Labourer
Roil Henry Papanui Publican
Rose Lucas Conway J. P. Worcester St, Christch.
Rose Robert Oxford St Hair Dresser
Rossiter Peter Collage land, Lyttelton Labourer
Royal Henry Papanui Dairyman
Russell John C. W.  J.P. Ilam Farmer
Rutland John Ticehurst Rd Carpenter
Rule James Norwich Quay Butcher
Sale James Riccarton Labourer
Salt Eli London St, Lyttelton Bricklayer
Satchell William Captain Harvey's Bush Labourer
Savill William River Avon Labourer
Scott George London St, Lyttelton Carpenter
Scott George College land, Lyttelton Clogmaker
Scott James Oxford St, Lyttelton Boatman
Scruton Robert Papanui Rd Labourer
Sellins William River Avon Farmer
Shand John Riccarton Farmer
Shalders Thomas London St, Lyttelton Shoemaker
Sherrott Edward Riccarton Rd Labourer
Short William Dublin St, Lyttelton Painter
Silk Alfred Norwich Quay, Lyttelton Storekeeper
Smart William Madras St, Christchurch Carpenter
Smart Hayman Riccarton Labourer
Smart Edward Riccarton Farmer
Smart John F. Madras St, Christchurch Boarding House Keeper
Smeaton Robert Oxford St, Lyttelton Blacksmith
Smith Robert Lincoln Rd Farmer
Smith Charles Rhodes Bay Boatman
Smith John River Avon Gentleman
Smith Thomas Canterbury St, Lyttelton Gentleman
Smith Matthew Governor's Bay Farmer
Smith John Upper Heathcote Farmer
Soar George Christchurch Labourer
Spilsbury Lewis Riccarton Labourer
Stace John Sandhills Carpenter
Stace Hugh Sandhills Carpenter
Stanley John Jackson Rd, Lyttelton Labourer
Stevens William Oxford Tce, Christchurch Carpenter
Stevens Solomon Christchurch Labourer
Stewart William Christchurch Publican
Stokes William Papanui Rd Sawyer
Stout James London St, Lyttelton Carpenter
Strickland David Oxford St, Lyttelton Mariner
Sutcliffe Richard Cashel St, Christchurch Carter
Swanson Andrew Oxford St, Lyttelton Mariner
Swinbourne John F. Market Pl, Christchurch Storekeeper
Swinbourne Christopher Norwich Quay Shopkeeper
Swinbourne James Norwich Quay, Lyttelton Shoemaker
Symons Benjamin Oxford St, Lyttelton Boatman
Tancred Henry John J. P. Christchurch
Taylor Robert Oxford St Builder
Taylor Richard Norwich Quay Publican
Taylor William Riccarton Labourer
Taylor George Winchester St Printer
Taylor William College land Labourer
Thacker John Christchurch Printer
Thomas Jerem Hughes Tricehurst Rd, Lyttelton Mariner
Thompson William London St Gentleman
Thompson Thomas Papanui Rd Labourer
Thompson James Papanui Sawyer
Thornton Jabez Papanui Rd Carpenter
Tisch John Christchurch Labourer
Toombes Thomas Hereford St, Christchurch Carpenter
Todd William Riccarton Farmer
Townsend James Heathcote Farm Gentleman
Townsend Joseph Heathcote Farm Labourer
Townsend Thomas College land Carpenter
Treleaven Samuel Christchurch Storekeeper
Tregear John Norwich Quay Warehouseman
Tribe George Henry Norwich Quay Merchant
Trigger Abraham Oxford Tce, Christch. Carpenter
Tricket Henry Christchurch Labourer
Tucker Richard Norwich Quay Warehouseman
Turnbull John Winchester St, Lyttelton Saddler
Turner Thomas Papanui Carpenter
Turner Charles Oxford Tce, Christchurch Butcher
Turner John Sandhills Brickmaker
Tuson Arthur Governor's Bay Labourer
Tylor William Riccarton Labourer
Varyer John Christch.Rd, Lyttelton Printer
Vigors Charles Governor's Bay Farmer
Wakefield Edward J. J. P. Royal Hotel, Christchurch
Wakelyn John College land Labourer
Walker John Christchurch Labourer
Walker William Riccarton Labourer
Walker Joseph Worchester St, Christch. Labourer
Walten John College land, Lyttelton Labourer
Ward George Riccarton Labourer
Ward Joseph Riccarton Labourer
Ward Edward Christchurch Labourer
Ward Thomas Papanui Rd Labourer
Ward Crosby Exeter St, Lyttelton Stockowner
Warmell Samuel Riccarton Labourer
Washbourne Henry Riccarton Farmer
Watson Robert Cashel St Tailor
Webb Alexander Ferry Rd Wharfinger
Wedge Charles Oxford Tce, Christchurch Labourer
Westenra Richard J. P. Hereford St, Christchurch
Wheeler John Riccarton Rd Labourer
Wheeler Joseph Norwich Quay, Lyttelton Boarding House Keeper
Wheeler Jesse Norwich Quay Labourer
Wheeler John London St, Lyttelton Painter
White Augustus E. David St, Lyttelton Gentleman
White Charles Riccarton Rd Labourer
White William Capt. Harvey's Bush Labourer
White Thomas Port Albert Mariner
Whitmore John College land Labourer
Wigzell Charles Tuam St, Christchurch Labourer
Wilcox John Bridle Path, Lyttelton Cabinet Maker
Wilkin James London St, Lyttelton Clerk
Wilkinson William Oxford St, Lyttelton Wharfinger
Wilkinson William Lincoln Rd Farmer
Willock W. W. Upper Heathcote Clerk
Willis James College land Printer
Willis John Heathcote Surgeon
Wilson Robert Heathcote Ferry Ferryman
Wilson John Ferry Rd Labourer
Wilson James Heathcote Clerk
Wilson William Botanical Garden, Ch - Ch Nurseryman
Wood William Lower Avon Dairy Farmer
Woodford Philip Riccarton Sawyer
Woodford Richard Papanui Sawyer
Woodman George Papanui Rd Carpenter
Woolcombe Belfield J. P. Papanui Rd
Wormald Richard London St, Lyttelton Solicitor
Worsley Henry Francis Papanui Rd Gentleman
Wright James Riccarton Labourer
Wright William Oxford St, Lyttelton Carpenter
Wright Charles Tuam St, Christchurch Labourer
Wright Joseph Tuam St, Christchurch Labourer
Wright William Riccarton Labourer
Wyatt Benjamin Papanui Rd Farmer
Wymes James Baiford River Avon Gentleman