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List of persons qualified and liable to serve as Jurors with in the Province of Canterbury. 1853
F - J

Name Address Occupation
Felton Joseph Papanui Rd Labourer
Fendall Walpole C. Fendall Town Farmer
Fereday E. H. christchurch Gentleman
Ferguson Daniel Oxford Tce, Christchurch Carpenter
Fitch George Upper Heathcote Farmer
Field George Godley Quay Labourer
Fisher Edward Oxford St, Lyttelton Labourer
Fisher James College land, Lyttelton Labourer
Fisher James River Avon Farmer
Fisher Stephen Upper Heathcote Farmer
Fitton Charles Governor's Bay Labourer
Findon Joseph Riccarton Labourer
Flannagan Edward Fendall Town Labourer
Flavel Henry Cashel St, Christchurch Tailor
Fleming Richard Port Albert Farmer
Fooks Charles Edward Cashel St, Christchurch Architect
Foot John Nash London St, Lyttelton Storekeeper
Ford Augustus Edward Canterbury St, Lyttelton
Fossett Peter governor's Bay Labourer
Foster John Riccarton Labourer
Frazer John London St, Lyttelton Draper
Fremlin William Sandhills, Christchurch Farmer
French William Avon River Labourer
Free John Avon river Labourer
Frost William Dublin St, Lyttelton Carrier
Fry James Oxford Tce Gentleman
Fyfe George John London St, Lyttelton Storekeeper
Gartner Gustavus Colombo St, Christchurch Publican
Gahagan Benjamin Oxford St, Lyttelton Shoemaker
Gamester Charles Christchurch Farmer
Garland Joseph Lower Heathcote Farmer
Gaskell Thomas Gobernor''s Bay Labourer
Garwood James College Land, Lyttelton Printer
Garlick William Riccarton Rd Brickmaker
Gee Edward Canterbury St, Lyttelton Baker
Gee Thomas Canterbury St, Lyttelton Baker
Genet Edward London St, Lyttelton Storekeeper
Gibbs Samuel Gloucester St, Ch-Ch Baker
Gibbs Arthur Riccarton Labourer
Gilford John Papanui Rd Labourer
Goodacre Edwin Avon River Shopman
Goosetree William Riccarton Labourer
Goodier John Norwich Quay, Lyttelton Butcher
Goodwin John Selwyn Rd, Lyttelton Labourer
Gosling William Market Pl, Christchurch Blacksmith
Gosling Joseph Market Pl, Christchurch Blacksmith
Gould George Armagh St, Christchurch Storekeeper
Graham Thomas Collage land Labourer
Graham William Brenchley Farm, Lyttelton Turner
Graham Douglas Riccarton Labourer
Grace William Burkes Station Labourer
Greaves Robert Jackson Road Gentleman
Greengrove Charles Upper Heathcote Labourer
Green John Oxford St, Lyttelton Mariner
Green George Brittan's Farm Labourer
Green Henry Papanui Farmer
Green John Market Pl, Christchurch Labourer
Greengo George Heathcote River Labourer
Grigg James Riccarton Farmer
Griffin Edward Nathaniel College land, Lyttelton Blacksmith
Griffith Nathaniel Papanui Rd Labourer
Grubb John London St, Lyttelton Carpenter
Guiness Francis Lincoln District Farmer
Gundry John Seager Cashel St, Christchurch Surgeon
Hall Robert Riccarton Carpentr
Hall Thomas Fendall Town Labourer
Hall John Tuam St, christchurch Farmer
Hare James Norwich Quay, Lyttelton Tailor
Hamlet Robert Winchester St, Lyttelton Warehaouseman
Hamford Charles Norwich Quay Gentleman
Harris Robert Governor's Bay Labourer
Harris John g. Tuam St, christchurch Pound Keeper
Harrington William Papanui Rd Wheelwright
Harrison William College land, Lyttelton Tailor
Harrison John college land Tailor
Harrison William London St, Lyttelton Tailor
Harrison Robert Near Riccarton Farmer
Hart Michael Brannan Cashel St, Christchurch Puplican
Harvey William T. Oxford Tce, Christchurch Gentleman
Harper John Heathcote River Farmer
Haycroft Thomas London St, Lyttelton Shopman
Hayhurst John Ferry Rd Farmer
Heaphy William London St, Lyttelton Publican
Hewitt Charles Durham St, Christchurch Labourer
Hewitt Thomas Durham St, Christchurch Labourer
Highsted John Christchurch Farmer
Hill Joseph Papanui Labourer
Hills George Armagh St, Christchurch Carpenter
Hobbs William Lincoln Rd Labourer
Hodgson Paul Nixon Governor's Bay Farmer
Hodgson Anthony Upper Heathcote Labourer
Hoggan James College land, Lyttelton Carpenter
Horrell John Litchfield St, Christchurch Carpenter
Horsach Simon Heathcote River Farmer
Houston Charles Riccarton Labourer
Howard Charles Jackson Rd Stock Agent
Hughes Robert Winchester St, Lyttelton Waiter
Hunt George Lot Cass's Bay Butcher
Hurley William Christchurch Baker
Hurrill Henry River Avon Labourer
Hutchinson William Canterbury St, Lyttelton Shoemaker
Hygham William Fendall Town Labourer
Iles Albert Canterbury St, Lyttelton Shoemaker
Innes Joseph christchurch Bricklayer
Inwood Daniel Cashel St, Christchurch
Inwood Henry Papanui Labourer
Inwood Henry christchurch Skinner
Jackson Thomas Mancester St, Ch-Ch Farmer
Jackson George Fendall Town Bricklayer
Jackson Papanui Shoemaker
Janaway William Manchester St, Ch-Ch Horse Dealer
Jeffs Charles Christchurch Labourer
Jeffs Benjamin Sndhills Labourer
Jeffries Charles Fendall Town Gentleman
Johnson James Cashel St, Christchurch Carpenter
Johnson Richard Papanui Labourer
Johnson Henry Papanui Rd Labourer
Josling John Oxford St, Lyttelton Carpenter
Joyce Matthew Lee Oxford Tce, Christchurch Butcher