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Town Council Office
Exchange Room
Te Aro
Monday the 22nd May 1843


      I hereby give notice that all persons intending to claim the right of voting at the next election of Aldermen for the Borough of Wellington are required to register such claim with me on or before Wednesday the 31st day of this present month of May and that the sum of two shillings and sixpence must be paid at the time of preferring such claim, by virtue and in pursuance of the 5th Vic. No. 6, Sec. 29.

George White              
Town Clerk

N.B. - Hours of attendance from 10 till 4 o'clock except on Sundays.

Colonist, 2 June 1843:
We understand that the numbers of Burgesses that have qualified for the Borough of Wellington amount to 151 only.

Burgess Roll for the Borough of Wellington for the Year 1843
1 Allen, W. Manners Street
2 Allsdorf, Von C Lambton Quay
3 Anderson, Archd. Thorndon Quay
4 Annear, Jas. Sidney Street
5 Baird, Jas. Cuba Street
6 Baird, John Cuba Street
7 Baker, Richd. Lambton Quay
8 Barr, John Lambton Quay
9 Bell, Jas. Lambton Quay
10 Bethune, Kenneth Lambton Quay
11 Bevan, Thos. Lambton Quay
12 Bewick, Wm. Te Aro
13 Bolton, Fredk. Thorndon Quay
14 Boulcott, Jos. Te Aro
15 Bould, Robt Tinakori Rd
16 Brees, S.C. Hawkestone St
17 Brice, John Terrace
18 Brooke, S. Pipitea Point
19 Brown R Lambton Quay
20 Brown W.R. Lambton Quay
21 Buck George Thorndon Flat
22 Buck H. Thorndon Flat
23 Bull James Pipitea Pa
24 Butler W. S. Willis St
25 Catchpool E. P. Dixon St
26 Cimino S. Lambton Quay
27 Clifford C. Thorndon Flat
28 Collier R. Thorndon Quay
29 Collins James Thorndon Quay
30 Cooper W. A Te Aro
31 Curtin George Tinakori Rd
32 Davis Edward Hawkestone St
33 Davis Rowland Lambton Quay
34 Dimond John Tinakori Rd
35 Dorset John Lambton Quay
36 Duck J Ghuznee St
37 Duffield G Berhampore
38 Durie David Lambton Quay
39 Edwards G. Hawkestone St
40 Evans M. Te Aro
41 Evans John Thordon Flat
42 Featherston I. E. Terrace
43 Fellingham G. Woolcombe
44 Ferguson John Te Aro
45 Fisher William Willis St
46 Fitchett John Bolton St
47 Fitzherbert W. Farish St
48 Ford James Te Aro
49 Forster J. R. Willis St
50 Fox Edward Hill St
51 Fuller John Manners St
52 Gower John Wright St
53 Guthrie Thomas Willis St
54 Guyton William Te Aro
55 Hansard J. T. Manners St
56 Hanson R. D. Terrace
57 Hay William Te Aro
58 Hendry Thomas Cuba St
59 Hewitt Alf Lambton Quay
60 Hill H. St. Hawkestone St
61 Hort A. Abel Smith St
62 Hort A. Jun. Te Aro
63 Hort Alfred Te Aro
64 Houghton Robert Willis St
65 Hume Peter Willis St
66 Hunter George Willis St
67 Isaac David Lambton Quay
68 Jenkins Manners St
69 Johnson David Te Aro
70 Johnson Ed Lambton Quay
71 Johnson John Lambton Quay
72 Johnson William Manners St
73 Kelham James Mt Albyn
74 Kemble Robert Murphy St
75 Kennedy Thomas Te Aro
76 Knox F. J. Willis St
77 Langdon R. Herbert St
78 Levin Nat Lambton Quay
79 Levy Sol. Mount Cook
80 Lewis David Tinakori Rd
81 London H. Terrace
82 Lloyd John Lambton Quay
83 Lyall Alex Lambton
84 Lyon William Lambton Quay
85 M'Carthy J. Te Aro
86 M'Kenzie T. ghuznee St
87 M'Lagan J Terrace
88 M'Nally James Lambton Quay
89 Mitchell F. Lambton Quay
90 Monsheer C. Lambton Quay
91 Moore George Lambton Quay
92 Muir J. William Manners St
93 Michol William Pipitea Pah
94 Norgrove William Lambton Quay
95 Omeara Timothy Park Street
96 Park Robert Terrace
97 Partridge T. M. Te Aro
98 Penny C. M. Te Aro
99 Pharazin C. Pipitea Pah
100 Pike William Thorndon Flat
101 Pilcher S Wright Street
102 Pratt T. D. Te Aro
103 Prince Edward Tinakori Road
104 Rae Thomas Lambton Quay
105 Reading J. B. Terrace
106 Reid Alexander Te Aro
107 Reid H. Lambton Quay
108 Rhodes W. B. Te Aro
109 Richardson T. Willis Street
110 Roberts James Thorndon Flat
111 Robertson A. Willis Street
112 Roe Edward S. Manners Street
113 Roe Edward Jnr Manners Street
114 Roots John Thorndon Flat
115 Ross Hugh Lambton Quay
116 Saint Thomas Manners Street
117 Sayers B. Lambton Quay
118 Scott George Will.
119 Sharp Charles Terrace
120 Shelton William Lambton Quay
121 Sheppard William D. Terrace
122 Squib C. H. Herbert Street
123 Stacey J. Thorndon Flat
124 Stafford Edward Lambton Quay
125 Stevens C. Thorndon Flat
126 Stokes J. M. Woolcomb Street
127 Stratford G. A. Lambton Quay
128 Strang R. R. Woolcombe Street
129 Suisted C. Lambton Quay
130 Sutton R. Lambton Quay
131 Taine James Lambton Quay
132 Tomlin John Hobson Street
133 Vavasour William Thorndon Flat
134 Villiers William Ghuznee Street
135 Vincent W. E. Ghuznee Street
136 Wade J. Te Aro
137 Waitt Robert Te Aro
138 Wallace John Lambton Quay
139 Wallace J. H. Lambton Quay
140 Wallace W. E. Te Aro
141 Ward James Te Aro
142 Waters George Te Aro
143 Waterson J. Thorndon Flat
144 Watt J. Tinakori Road
145 Watson T. H. Thorndon Flat
146 Welsh H. Lambton Quay
147 Whabby T. Tinakori Road
148 White J. Willis Street
149 Wilson J. Willis Street
150 Woodward J. Hawkstone Street
151 Yule John Te Aro
152 Yule Moses Te Aro