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Ship: 1332 tons
Captain: Kelly
Surgeon Superintendent:
Sailed London February 27th 1872 - arrived Auckland October 1st 1872

The Bulwark was a large first-class modern ship of 1332 tons, built at New Brunswick in 1862 for Shaw Savill Co, and was fitted up with all the latest improvements. She made one voyage only to New Zealand. She sailed from London on February 27, 1872, carrying a general cargo, including 450 tons of railway iron, and arrived at Auckland on October 1, 1872, by which time many people having relatives and friends on board had given up all hope of seeing the ship in port. She left London with eleven saloon and eighteen second class passengers, who met with an experience seldom encountered by immigrants leaving the Old Country for New Zealand. Captain Kelly was in command.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

Arrival of the Bulwark

Name Age County Occupation
Saloon Passengers
Allison Ralph
Chitty Walter
Cowan John
Goertz Master
Hoar Henry
Kelly Mrs Wife and family of the Captain
3 children
Rye Mr
Scott Miss
Second Cabin Passengers
Andrews Miss
Bestic Miss
Evans Mr
Franklin Miss
Jolly Mr
Kelson Miss
Mathews Edward
6 children
Steerage Passengers
Davies Mr
Highly Mr
Milner Mr
Murphy Mr
Parsons John 31 Died on board 27/03/1872
Wilsford Mr

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New Zealand Herald October 2nd 1872