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Brewers and Wine & Spirit Merchants in New Zealand 1869

Return showing the Names and Residences of all Persons registered as Brewers, or Wine and Spirit Merchants, throughout the several Provinces of the Colony, under the provisions of "The Distillation Act, 1868" Published in accordance with sec. 139 of the said Act.

North Island

Province of Auckland

Name Address
Ehrenfried Louis Fort St
Innis James Ngaruawahia
Kirkwood Henry Phippard Stanley St
Lempriere & Co. Shortland St
Parsons John Waiwero Hotel, Motueka
Secombe R and Son Kyber Pass Rd
Walnutt & Co. Shortland St
Whitson R & C. Hobson Bridge Brewery Queen St
Williams Edward Frederick Wellesley and Queen St's

Wine and Spirit Merchants

Brown, Campbell & Co. Shortland, O'Connell, William St's
Cawkwell W. J. Vulcan Lane
Clendon James R. Herd's Point, Hokianga
Cruickshank, Smart & Co. High St
Davis Charles Queen St
Goff Louis The Falls, Waitangi, Bay of Islands
Goldwater Nathan Pollen St, Shortland
Henderson and Macfarlane Queen St
Jones Owen Shortland St
Laishley R & Co. Pollen St, Shortland
Lewis Bros. Queen St
Mabin Thomas H. Ngaruawahia
Morrin J. C. & Co. Queen St
Nathan L. D. & Co. Shortland
Norris Ebenezer Goddard Te Papa, Tauranga
Ogilvie, Campbell & Co. Shortland St
Owen and Graham Queen St
Read George Turanganui, Poverty Bay
Robertson J. & Co. Queen St
Stephenson Samuel The Strand, Russell
Vilcoq Alcide The Strand, Russell
Whitelaw James High St
Whitson & Co. Pollen St, Shortland
Wrigley Thomas Te Papa, Tauranga
Province of Taranaki


Henderson & Paul Devon St
Larchin Thomas Devon St

Wine and Spirit Merchants

Brown Charles Brougham St
Gledhill F. U. Devon St
Humphries E. L. & Son Devon St
Keeling Robert North Brougham St
Webster F. L. & W. D. Brougham St
Wilson Helen Brougham St

Province of Hawke's Bay


Caldwell Bros. West Clive
Hartley John Shakespeare Rd
Smith George Hastings St

Wine and Spirit Merchants

Blair Alexander Waghorn St
Bowman George Shakespeare Rd
Carter Edwin Clyde, Wairoa
Firth Samuel Baines Te Aute
Kinross & Co. Waghorn St
Knowles Edward william Shakespeare Rd
Neagle James Meanee
Neal & Close Caryle St
Newton, Irvine and Co. Hastings St
Peacock & Co Meanee
Prentice Stephen F. Wairoa
Rathbone William Waipawa
Richardson George Edward Gordon Waghorn St
Robjohns Bros. Waghorn St
Routledge, Kennedy & Co. Waghorn St
Stuart & Co. Waghorn St
Sutton Frederick Shakespeare Rd
Vautier John Helia Waghorn St
Watt Bros. Waghorn St
Wishart Crighton Strachan Waghorn St

Province of Wellington


Bennie and Hough Hill St
Bycroft Richard Clairmont Brewerey Featherston
Dixon John Cuba St
Edmeades Henry Tory St
Edmeades William Daniel Hope Brewery Greytown
Henderson & Paul Wilson & Ridgeway St Wanganui
Jessop Joseph Tutaenui
Parsloe John River Bank R, Wanganui
Staples John Molesworth St

Wine and Spirit Merchants

Allen Thomas Victoria Ave. Wanganui
Anderson D. Willis St
Anderson David Jnr Molesworth St
Bannatyne W. M. & Co. Hunter St
Bannister Henry Masterton
Barnett A. A. Hunter st
Beaven George Taupo Quay Wanganui
Bethune and Hunter custom House St
Brooking George Turakina
Campbell Bros. Campbelltown Wanganui
Clamoot Hans Wilson St Wanganui
Cleland Hugh Hutt
Cleland R. M. Manners St
Crawford George Farish St
Crease E. H. Willis St
Deighton Francis Tutaenui Rangitikei
Deighton Francis Morris Tutaenui
Dransfield Joe Grey St
Duncan R. J. Featherston St
Edmeades Henry Tory St
Finnimore William Taupo Quay Wanganui
Gandy W. J. Grey St
Henderson Arthur C. Molesworth St
Hickson William Custom House St
Hirschberg Moritz Greytown
Houghton John Willis St
Hunt E. H. Farish St
Jacob Joseph & Co. Lambton Quay
Johnston J & Co. Manners St
Krull & Co. Willis St
Lamont John Taupo Quay Wanganui
Lewis Edward Taupo Quay Wanganui
Levin & Co. Gray St
Low Robert s. Victoria Ave. Wanganui
Mason Archibald Taupo Quay Wanganui
Mills Thomas Lower Hutt
Moir David Molesworth St
Mountain Thomas John Lambton Quay
Mullins A. & son Hutt
Owen E. Dixon St
Pearce Edward Willis St
Port R. Willis St
Potts Lawson Lower Hutt
Powell Son & Co Victoria Ave. Wanganui
Reid Thomas Ridgeway St Wanganui
Rhodes & Co Manners st
Sidey F. & Co Farish St
Stevenson James L. Taupo Quay Wanganui
Stuart P. P. & co. Custom House St
Taylor W.W. Willis St
Taylor & Watt Taupo quay Wanganui
Tonks W. Jnr. Willis St
Turnbull Reeves & Co Hunter st
Turnbull W. & g. Willis St
Vennell Mills & Co Custom House St
Waters Thomas Taupo Quay & Victoria Ave Wang
Whitehouse Thomas Cuba St
Wilkins Henry Ridgeway & Wickstead Wanganui
Young T. & W. Grey St


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Source: The New Zealand Gazette 1869