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Date of entry Name Parents
7th April Hogan Mary Ann Daniel and Honora
7th April Hughes Jane Henry and Winifred
13th April Hoods William Frederick James and Elizabeth
17th April Barry John Patrick John and Mary
17th April Barry Catherine John and Mary
12th May Egan Thomas Christopher and Mary
12th May Colthurst William S. Robert and Bridget
12th May Harris Mary Jane John and Mary
11th Aug Barry Mary Elizabeth Richard and Mary
15th June Curry Ella John and Mary of 65th Reg.
9th July Crowthers Elizabeth Sergeant John and Mary Anne
24th July Cahill Edward Lee Edward and Mary
27th July Ellis Susan Jane John and Mary
10th Aug. Burgin Georgina Captain Meylin? and Anne
27th Aug. Lucas William Henry Samuel and Mary
6th Sept. Thitney Received into the church, Dr Thomas Thitney of Hereford and gave Conditional Baptism.
10th Sept. Neal Mark Samuel and Catherine
10th Sept. Hogan Thomas David and Honora
29th Sept. Mulvaney Nicholas Thomas and Ann of the 65th Reg.
19th Nov. Coffee Agnes Soldicis? Thomas and Ellen
21st Nov. Palmer Angelina Maria James and Rhonda
3rd Dec Keane Received Mr Henry Keane late of Ireland into Holy Church and gave him Conditional Baptism in the presence of his wife and sister-in-law.
12th Jan. Smith Received Abjuration from Anglicanism and gave to John Smith Conditional Baptism.
23rd Feb. Register Received Abjuration   from Anglicanism and gave to Mary Register Conditional Baptism.
13th March Willis Ellen John and Bibelia of the 65th Reg.
30th March Wooldoin Sushanna Sophia Henry and Susan
11th April Curr Edward Son of Curr
25th April Grey Thomas George and Ann
25th May Bluett Received into the Church and conditionally Baptised Bernard Bluett, in hospital.
29th May Jeffess Joseph Thomas and Mary
4th July Walsh Robert Robert and Mary Catherine
22nd July Barry Richard Richard and Mary
23rd July O'Brien John John and Horrore ?
27th July Curr Francis Harold Charles and Frances
9th Sept. Davis Charles John Richard and Elizabeth of 65th Reg.
23rd Sept. Brow Joseph Thomas and Susan
25th Sept. Whitmore Frederick John George and Elizabeth
13th Nov. Hargrave Mary Anne William and Mary
18th Nov. Chance Richard James and Elizabeth of 65th Reg.
16th Dec. Curry Hugh James Hugh and Margaret of 65th Reg.
20th Jan. Caruthers Emily Agnes Edwin and Jane
17th Feb. Scully Thomas Walter Serg. Thomas and Catherine 65th Reg
22nd Feb. Millaney John Walter. Baptised at home because of child's illness. John and Elizabeth
9th Mar. Caffertey Patrick James Patrick and Bridget
24th Mar. Henn Alice Mary Edward and Jane
25th Mar. Mitchell Mary Emily William and Catherine
30th Mar. Donovan Ellen Patrick and Julia
3rd April Baker Sushanna and Elizabeth George and Sushanna
4th April Levey Elizabeth Ann Peter and Ann
4th April Sievers Augustus Isidore ? William and Clara (Arrived Mariner)
29th April Cion Alexander Peter Edmond
2nd May Lawson Joseph Joseph and Jane (nee Mobay)
15th June Foley John Thomas and Bridget 65th Reg.
6th July Monaghan Emilia Patrick and Mary
21st July Heffirman Henry William and Bridget
15th Aug. Curry Andrew James John and Mary
24th Aug. McKenna Elizabeth Ann Edward and Elizabeth
21st Sept. Harmitage Edward James Edward and Ellen
5th Oct. Shaw George John and Mary Jane
10th Oct. Nicholls Mary William and Jane
11th Oct. Mangan Margaret John and Margaret
12th Oct. Murray John John and Margaret
12th Nov. Davis Mary Ann Henry and Bridget
31st Dec. Wiltmore Elizabeth John George and Elizabeth
23rd Feb. Farren Bernard Charles and Catherine Bernard and Christina Fisk
8th Mar. Hogan John David and Honora
15th Mar. Scully Thomas Walter Sergeant Thomas and Mary Catherine
22nd Mar. Doug Ellen James and Catherine Farrell
2nd April Riddy Margaret Robert and Ann
6th April Kennedy Mary John and Susanna
3rd May Barry John David David and Catherine
10th May Blanford Mary Elizabeth Henry Morton and Julia
17th May Murtagh Thomas Henry Gerald and Harriet
4th June Anderson Charles James Adam and Mary
22nd June Cremin William John Lewis Thomas and Bridget
1st July Hunt Daniel John Richard and Catherine 65th Reg.
19th July McGinn James Serg. William and Charlotte
20th July Beigin Walter Joseph Son of Ann Beigin
1st Aug. Mowbray Baptised adult from Anglicanism (conditional) Laurence Mowbray.
2nd Aug Chance Julia James and Elizabeth
28th Aug. Jones Edward Son of Mary Jones and her husband Edward Jones of the 65th Reg.
3rd Sept. McGreven ? William Henry William and Mary
18th Sept. Harris William Henry Henry and Mary Ann
27th Sept Blair Mary Alexander and Anne
18th Oct. Parker Charles Luke John and Mary Anne
7th Oct. Freman Emilia Mary John and Mrs
8th Oct. Harrington Alexander Maria J. and Margaret
13th Oct. Sievers George Edward William and Clare
11th Oct. Davis Richard James Richard and Elizabeth
11th Nov. Murray Mary Margaret Maurice and Sarah
22nd Nov. Greaves Recieved into the Church and conjured conditionally Baptised on John William Greaves of Band of the 65th Reg.
25th Oct. Cameron Charles George W. Cameron and his wife
29th Dec. Mark John J. Mark and Mary Kennedy
3rd Jan Curry Margaret Hugh and Margaret
3rd Feb. Grey Alice (on condition) George and Anne
3rd Feb. Clerebut Mary Anne John and Lucy
1st Mar. O'Brien John James John O'Brien and Eliza Pepper
31st Mar. Mowbray Mary Anne and Sarah Laurence and A.
3rd April Brown Patrick Son of John Brown and Margaret Daly
18th April Raffin Elizabeth William and Carolin
25th April Madden Edward Nicholis Samuel and Johanna
26th April Walsh Mary Jane Robert and Mary Catherine
2nd May Kane Mary Anne John and Eliza
9th June Hefferman Hannah William and Bridget
9th June O'Hare Sarah Anne Edward and Catherine
13th June Leary John John and Mary
20th June Moran William Frederick Patrick and Sarah
21st July Lawson Mary Ann Joseph and Jane
21st July Jefferies Robert Thomas and Mary
31st July Smith Sarah Ann James and Sarah
31st July Morgan Thomas John and Mary 65th Reg.
15th Aug. Curry John Charles John and Mary
28th Aug. O'Brien William John John and Mary 65th Reg.
1st Sept. Dwyer William Martin and Ellen
5th Sept. Cafferty Joseph Patrick and Bridget
5th Sept. Shaw Elizabeth John and Maria Jane
12th Sept. Foley Bridget Helena Thomas and Bridget
6th Oct. Monaghan Pharbe ? Patrick and Mary
6th Oct. Rane Baptised (conditionally) and Recieved into the Church Elizabeth Rane of the 65th Reg.
1st Nov. Cahill Alfred James Edward and Mary
7th Nov. McAlwain George Joseph Edward and Ellen
28th Nov. Ryan Mary Teresa James and Ellen
21st Dec. Barry Ellen Richard and Mary


30th Jan. Saunders George Sergeant Samuel and Catherine
27th Feb. Reddy Robert Robert and Anne
6 Mar. Reardon John Edward William and Mary Anne
12th May Moran Conditionally, Jane and Charlotte
15th May Bell Conditionally Margaret Teresa
26th Feb. Harwood Recieved into the Church (conditionally) John
8th June McManaman Susan Grace James and Hannah
23rd June Sullivan Catherine Mary Sergeant J. and Mary
25th June Murphy Eugene Owen Sergeant Owen and Anne
20th July Phelan Joseph Patrick William and Eliza
5th Aug. Jackson Mary Alice John and Amelia
14th Aug. Smith Mary Elizabeth Wood and Wife
15th Sept. Cameron Francis Malcolm Neal and Louisa
28th Sept. Nickson Teresa Alfred Hickson and Mary Laughlin
15th Oct. Burns Adam William Grey Adam and Mary Jane
22nd Dec. Smith Conditionally, Thomas Smith Of the 65th Reg.
22nd Dec. Tasker Conditionally, Charles Joseph Of the 65th Reg.
24th Dec. Hefferman Thomas William and Bridget of the 65th Reg.
1st Jan. Phillips Conditionally, Alexander also William James Alexander and Ellen
30th Jan. Magnan Catherine John and Mary
13th March Barry Ellen Richard Barry
6th May Curry Charles Andrew Hugh and Margaret
7th May Chance James James and Eliza
15th May Ryan James Richard James and Ellen
21st May Coleman Pickett William Paschal Thomas and Mary
1st July Monaghan Elizabeth Patrick and Mary
12 Aug. Shaw Alfred John and Mary Jane
12 Aug. Foley Patrick Thomas and Bridget
14th Aug. Saundess Catherine Samuel and Catherine
26th Aug. Phillips Charles James and Elizabeth
16th Sept. Esker Mary Jane Daughter of George
30th Sept. London George Thomas George Thomas and Mary (Kennedy)
13th Oct. Gawlin? Daughter George ? and Mary
21st Oct. Moran Son Patrick and Sarah Jane
3rd Nov. Cosgrave Patrick Thomas Michael and Mary
4th Nov. McElwain Georgina Anne Edward and Ellen
16th Nov. Cahill Bridget Edward and Mary
9th Dec. Walsh John Francis Robert and Mary Catherine
10th Dec. Ferrers Thomas Mr and Mrs
30th Dec. Woodward Mary Jane Edward and Ann
3rd Feb. Hartnett Ellen Francis and Jane
3rd Feb. Cradock Mary Thomas and Margaret
10th Feb. Lynch Alfred Denis and Louisa
17th Feb. McDonough George James and Mary Anne
26th Feb. Lawson Henry Joseph Lawson and Jane McCoy
12th Mar. Whaler Caroline Jane John and Mary
31st Mar. Potter Martha William and Anne
28th April Murphy Son Martin and Jane
12th May Sherry Elizabeth James and Catherine
29th May Saunders Mrs Saunders child
16th June Martin Anne Georgina Henry and Julia
1st July Jackson Edward John Edward and Mary
4th July Pheland Mary Anne William and Eliza
10th July Douglas James Hugh Douglas and Mary Ann Doherty
25th July Rowley Anne Samuel and Mrs
12th Aug. North Thomas Joseph Thomas and Mary
10th Sept. Madden Henry John Samuel and Johanna
10th Sept Curry Hugh Hugh and Mary
22nd Sept Foley John James and Bridget
5th Oct. Macoy Jane Elizabeth and Mary Anne William and Elizabeth
7th Oct. Macoy William Henry William and Elizabeth
9th Oct. Ryan John Francis James and Ellen
1st Nov. Rowley Conditionally, Mary Anne she was also abjured error and received into the church.
4th Nov. Comte Conditionally, Thomas, Henry, Anne, Eliza, Mary Jane and Caroline David and Eliza
9th Nov. Miller Conditionally, James
10th Nov. Murray James Sergeant Thomas and Catherine
10th Jan. Douglas Conditionally, John, Mary, Anne and William Children of Mary A. Douglas
19th Jan. Hill John John and Ellen of the 14th Reg.
2nd Feb. Sergeant Timothy Francis and Jane Hartnett of the 14th Reg.
4th Feb. Barry Catherine Margaret Richard and Mary
23rd Feb. Murphy Catherine W. and Catherine
2nd April McKinnery Patrick Edward Patrick and Ellen
2nd April Le Conte John David and Elizabeth
13th April O'Brien Thomas Patrick John and Mary
25th May Shaw Charles John and Jane
28th May Houghton John Robert and Allen Frederick Allen and Johanna
8th June London William James George Thomas and Mary
10th June Martin Catherine Morty and Margaret
16th June Sabdbrook William James and Anne of the 14th Reg.
17th June Phillips Mary Catherine Alexander and Ellen
29th June Murphy John Henry and Mary
6th July Reddy Ellen Robert A.
3rd Aug. Kennedy James Sergeant James and Ellen
10th Aug. Highland Ann F. and Eliza 14th Reg.
15th Sept. Douglas Edward Hugh Douglas and Mary Anne Walton
21st Sept. McElwain Mary Edward and Ellen
28th Sept. Watson Elizabeth William and Helen
5th Oct. Paisley William Joseph Thomas and Eliza 14th Reg.
6th Oct. Cahill Thomas Edward and Maria
2nd Nov. North John Thomas and Mary
1st April O'Connor Geoff Frederick John and Mary Anne
3rd May Moran Mary Ann Patrick and Sarah Jane
4th May Chance William Laurence James and Elizabeth
27th July Murphy Jane Martin and Jane 14th Reg.
23 Aug. Collins Mary John and Martha
21st Aug. Murphy Helena Henry and Mary
21st Aug. Kennedy Mary Ann James and Ellen
29th Aug. Rowley Samuel Samuel and Anne
1st Sept. Laurence Isabel James Laurence and Catherine Connell
11th Sept. Hanrab Agnes Ann William and Rachael
18th Dec. Wilson Ellen Charlotte John and Emma
25th Dec. Riddy Susan Mary Robert and Anne
29th Dec. Cahill Ellen Edward and Mary


15th Jan. Walsh Reardon John    Denis and Mary
29th Jan. Brady Robert Bernard Alfred and Margaret Bernard
4th April Curry Mary Anne Hugh and Margaret
20th May Foley John James and Bridget 14th Reg.
30th June Clavin John William James and Mary
9th Aug. Sullivan Joseph John Patrick and Ann Healey
10th July Wallace Patrick Joseph William and Catherine
17th Sept Carty Michael John and Bridget
17th Sept Quinlan James George James and Eliza 14th Reg.
1st Oct. Smith James Francis John John James and Mary 14th Reg.
1st Oct Lysington Mary Jane Francis and Mary
8th Oct. Ready Elizabeth Ellen Maurice and Elizabeth
22nd Oct. Collins John John and Margaret
23rd Oct Robertson Andrew John Andrew and Mary
19th Nov. Ryan William Andrew William and Mary Jane
16th Dec. O'Meara Lelia Maria Morgan and Mary


14th Jan. Lundon Francis Walter George and Mary
22nd Jan. Duffy William Henry William Henry and Eliza
4th Feb. London Arthur Edward George and Mary
8th April North William Alfred Thomas and Mary
9th April Rowley Emilia (6 or 8 mths) Samuel and Anne
26th April Cahill William Edward and Mary
15th Aug. Bowie Hannah Abigael Thomas and Hannah
17th Aug. Lenihan George Benjamin and Bridget
19th Aug. Wilson Catherine Thomas and Mary
27th Aug. Douglas Mary Anne Hugh and Mary Voller
31st Aug. Knight Arthur David George Anthony and Mary Darcy
2nd Sept. Davis Eliza Jane Richard and Elizabeth
16th Sept. Bell Eda Maud David and Elizabeth
6th Oct. Finnican Margaret James and Margaret
7th Oct. Moran Catherine Patrick and Sarah
30th Oct. Campbell Conditional, Margaret, Isabella and Anne James and Margaret
3rd Nov. Campion Catherine Ellen Cornelius and Elizabeth
11th Nov. Malcolm Francis Francis and Mary
1st Dec. Myers Mary Anne John and Mary
3rd Dec. Cahill Catherine John and Elia
9th Dec. Laffney Thomas Arthur Thomas and Agnes
31st Dec. Nelson Conditionally William
11th Feb. Donovan John Richard and Elizabeth
11th Feb. Callan Mary Anne Daughter of Elizabeth Callan
13th Jan. Monkman Michael John John H. Boyle and Mary Catherine
No Date Griffiths Margaret John and Ann
No Date Hofferman Rose Hannah Charles and Ellen
21st Mar. Brannigan John Patrick and Margaret
25th Mar. Jesep Catherine Joseph and Catherine
31 Mar. Currry William Henry Hugh and Margaret
16th April Dixon Mary Ellen Samuel and Catherine
16th April Pugety Conditionally Silas John
2nd Mar. Cahill John Joseph Edward and Mary
25th Mar. Doran William John and Mary Anne
4th April Sheil Emma Esther John and Sarah
9th April Sandbrook Thomas York James and Anne
14th May McDonald Lucy Margaret Alexander and Charlotte
16th May Kirk Arthur Bernard Son of Mary Kirk
23rd May Mountain Emily Jane Francis and Mary
23rd May Black Conditionally, Helena
23rd May Sheil Conditionally, Sarah Anne
28th May Reddy Margaret Josephine Confirmed by Bishop
3rd July Moran Matilda Eliza
18th July Wotherill On Condition, Henry George and Frances Kate George Henry and Mary Sushanna
18th July Wotherill Baptised Maurice, Ellen Anne and Francis Children of Above
5th Aug. Griffiths Ellen John and Anne
25th Aug. Reed Francis Alexander Phillip Alexander and Mary
27th Aug. Morris John John and Frances
28th Aug. Smith Augusta Charles Frederick John James and Margaret Mary
3rd Sept. Black James Howard Frederick William and Whelima McDonald (Hopper St)
10th Sept. Marshall William Natus Richard and Bridget Mary
1st Oct. Murray Mary John and Frances
3rd Oct. Gough Catherine Viven and Catherine
18th Dec. Carr Charles Charles and Esther
24th Dec. Coyne Thomas Francis Francis and Martha Fitzpatrick
7th Jan. Wilson Matilda Thomas and Mary Anne
11th Feb. Lissington Elizabeth Helena Francis and Mary
3rd Mar. Davis Simon Joseph Richard and Elizabeth
9th Mar. Collins Louisa Martha Raymond and Louisa (Courtney Place)
1st April Tobin David Henry William Henry and Catherine
5th April Derrick Robert James and Mary
30th April Sheil Charles Joseph (Born 14th April) John and Sarah Anne
13th May Sweeney Stephen Charles Charles and Elizabeth
28th May Wetherall Raphael George Henry and Susanna
15th June Grant Elizabeth Mary William and Mary
5th July Hancock William George William and Mary Anne (Courtney Place)
5th July Sanderson Boice Johanna John and Margaret
8th July Monteith Thomas John Jacob Monteith and Sarah Cosgrove
9th Aug. Sullivan Emilia William Thomas and Emilia
19th Aug. Donavan Johanna Maria Richard and Eliza
13 Sept. Bennett Henry Henry and wife
16th Sept. Monkman Mary Catherine Henry and Mary (Ablesmith St.)
21 Sept Griffiths Catherine John and Anne
2 Oct. Driscoll John William Lloyd and Ellen
5th Oct Lucas William John Charles Richard and Frances
10th Oct. Doran Joseph George John and Mary Anne
31st Oct. Meech James Valentine Christopher and Mary Anne
2nd Nov. O'Reardon Ellen Denis and Mary
10th Dec. Reddy Sarah Ann (born 17th Sept.) Robert and Anne
16th Jan. Calan John John and Catherine
11th Feb. Grinstone Agnes Constantia Henry and Margaret
7th Mar. Andres James James and Louisa
30th Mar. Sheridan Patrick Patrick and Catherine
3rd May Meacham Clair C. and Mary
4th May Mulcahy Margaret and Helena Maurice and James
24th May Back Ann Josephine Frederick and Whilemina May
29th May Flanagan James Joseph James and Rose
3rd June King John John and Catherine
7th June Quinn Mary John and Ellen
11th June Johnson Walter Walter
15th June Sandbrook Mary Louisa James and Anne
14th June Curry Winafred Hugh and Mary
19th June Hancock Joseph George and Mary
24th June McMillan John Alexander B. and Anne
11th July Phelan Mary Anne Michael and Anne
12th July Rennes Joseph Christopher William George and Catherine
24th Aug. Monahan Mary James and Bridget
31st Aug. Moran Martin William and Mary
16th Sept. Best Francis Henry Walter and Bridget
13th Oct. Hardy Margaret John and Anne
23rd Dec. Night Emma John and Mary
10th Jan. Carwood Nicholas and John John and Mary
18th Jan. Hofman Alex Edward Charles and Ellen
29th Jan. Swan John Sydney John and Louisa
24th Jan. McCachen Dorothea Maria Archibald and Eliza
8th Feb. Doyle Frances (Fanny) John and Mary
3rd June Reed Edward Phillip Alex and Mary
10th May Sweeney Walter James Charles and H.
19th May Grinstone Helena Mary Henry and Mary
26th April Light Harry Henry William and Susan
16th April Nolan Teresa Daughter of Bidelia
20th May North James Edward Thomas and Mary
8th April Jackson Anne John and Mary
28th Mar. Rowley Teresa Samuel and Anne
7th June Grant Catherine William and Mary Anne
8th June Collins Margaret Raymond and Louisa
25th June Cogan Richard William John and Ellen
5th July Eddy Alexander Alexander and Juliet
12th July Jackson Emily Edward and Mary Anne
20th July Bowen Margaret Mary (conditional)
26th July Black Thomas Mortimer Hugh John and Mary
27th July Bennett Amelia Alice Harry and Lucy
9th Aug. Canbridge William Michael Thomas and Margaret
16th Aug. Segrove Margaret Anne Mathias and Mary
31st Aug. Moynehan Mary Anne Corneilus and Mary Anne
11th Sept. Green Edward James Stephen John and Mary Devine
12th Sept. Brown Henry William and Joshanna
15th Sept. Carr Mary Elizabeth Charles and Esther
18th Sept. Curry Hugh Alphonsus John and Mary (Roxburgh St)
13th Oct. Cannon Elizabeth Brendan John Charles and Mary Anne
14th Oct Sheehan Maria Bridget William and Hannah
29th Oct. Beech William - Joined Church
8th Nov. Armstrong Lilly Edith John and Mary Anne
22nd Nov. Gallagher Bernard (Married Sophia Teresa Dupre at Sacred Heart Ch. Nov. 25th 1909) James and Honora
25th Nov. Calnan Charles John and Catherine
2nd Dec Ward Richard Thomas and Mary Elizabeth
2nd Dec. Gough Teresa Owen and Catherine
3rd Jan. McMillan Alexander Alexander and Anne
15th Jan Cording Edward Charles and Mary
2nd Mar. Cahill John Joseph Edward and Mary
22nd May Dooley Mary Catherine John and Josephine
13th June O'Neill Helena Elizabeth James and Elizabeth
24th June Plumbridge Edwin Alfred Plumbridge and Louisa
26th June Sullivan Joshanna Patrick and Catherine
27th June Lacey John Richard Nicholas and Mary Jane
6th July Reddy Mary Robert and Ann
No Date Walker Robert Alexander and Mary
6th Aug. King Mary George and Catherine
29th Aug. Seagrove Ann Mattias and Mary
29th Aug. Sweeney William Charles and Elizabeth
30th Aug Sexton Alfred James and Mary
30th Aug. Watts Elizabeth Margaret Thomas William and Margaret
31st Aug. Fitzgerald John E. and Ellen
8th Sept. Bourke John Patrick James and Alice
9th Sept. Coogan John Abraham (Born 24th Aug.) John and Ellen
12 Sept. Mahoney Catherine (Born 21st July)
19th Sept Nolan Thomas Richard Bernard and Delia
23rd Sept. Gurstey Anthony Joseph Joseph and Wife
5th Oct. Best Walter Arthur (Born 23rd Sept.) Walter and Bridget
13th Oct Flannigan Charles James James and Mary
14th Oct Swan Louisa Mary (Born 26th Sept.) John and Louisa
15th Oct. Monahan Rachel James and Bridget


Source: Photocopy of Original Records held at Wellington Public Library