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Blue Jacket
Ship: 1556 tons
Captain: James White (Bully White)
Surgeon Superintendent:
Dr Macdonald
Sailed London August 7th 1868 - arrived Lyttelton October 30th 1868

Arrival of the Blue Jacket

Last voyage of the clipper Blue Jacket. On her return voyage to London she caught fire & was abandoned near the Falkland Islands.

Name Age County Occupation
Cabin Passengers
Collins Mr
Hooper Miss
Pownal Mrs
2 children
Watts Mr
5 children
Second Cabin
Arnold Mr
Boyle Mr
Chadeyson Miss
Christie Mr
4 children
Cole Mr
Dench Mr
Dent Mr
Kibbin Mr
Mackrell Mr
Malcolm Mr
Martin Miss
Mills Mr
Philip Mr
Selfe Miss
White Miss

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The Star October 31st 1868