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Ship: 800 tons
Captain: A Stuart
Surgeon Superintendent:
Sailed London June 14th 1867 - arrived Wellington September 19th 1867

The Asterope proved herself a most consistent sailer in the eleven voyages she made to New Zealand between 1861 and 1872. For her size - only 600 tons - she sailed remarkably well and seldom encountered the gales usually experienced by many other ships. On all occasions it will be seen from her records she left London in the summer months, and always arrived at the several ports during September or October.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

Arrival of the Asterope

Name Age County Occupation
Cabin Passengers
Barton Mrs
Bull Miss
Calthorpe Mr
Ladd Mr
Powell Mr H
Ramsay Miss
Tupper Mr H
Turner Major
Steerage Passengers
Banger (Benger) Edward John 17
Berston Ellen
Boyd Elizabeth R 26
Brading Frank
3 children
Broadhurst John
2 children
Brown Ellen
Casey Patrick 20
Cleary Mrs
7 children
Corcoran Denis 33
Betsy J 24
Corlis (Corliss) Patrick 20
Hannah 22
Donald Mary
Dyar (Dwyer) Maria 50
Joseph 20
Thomas 17
Erskine William 26
Elizabeth 18
Farrell (Ferrall) Margaret 26
Flinn (Flynn) Thomas
Fex Mr F
Fox D Thompson 19
Gibbs (Gibb) John
Gillespie John
Green Mary
Hammond Phoebe 47
Louisa 20
Rachel 10
Hart Robert
Hastings Robert 21
Igo Mary 40
John 17
Peter 11 Crossed out on list. Did he die on board?
Thomas 8
Knowles Elizabeth 25 Shown as Knox in Government records
McArthy Patrick 27
Michael 20
McDonald Mary Ann 26
Milne Alexander 11
Mary 9
Morrison William 38
Jessie 28
Andrew 4
Elizabeth 2
Munro Ann (Annie) 25
Murray Barbara
Newgent (Nugent) Margaret
Reynolds John 28
Sarah 24
John 5
Rosa 3
William Infant
Shenan Helen
Simmons Sarah
Snell James 20
Mary A 17
Swanton George
Thompson Robert S
5 children
Whalon Catherine
Wiffen Henry
3 children
Wilkie Jane 47
Margaret 14
David 10
Elizabeth 7
Robert 5


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Archives New Zealand IMW2/1
Wellington Independent September 21st 1867