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Arrival of the Strathnaver
Evening Post August 31st 1874

The ship Strathnaver, Captain Devey, with 391 immigrants, arrived in this harbour from London last night, after a good run of 86 days, having overtaken the Euterpe, which sailed weeks before her. Shortly after dark the ship was made out from the Pilot Station, standing rather dangerously close in under her topsails. Pilot Holmes boarded her at once, and setting the foresail and maintopgallant sail soon got her into a safe position, and, on the Stormbird approaching sent his boat to the steamer with a bow-line. The report in this morning's paper that the pilot did not board the Strathnaver until after the Stormbird had her in tow, therefore is in-accurate. The Stormbird then towed the ship up to the anchorage. All is reported well on-board; the passengers are in good health, and express themselves entirely satisfied with the treatment they received. The ship is consigned to Messrs Johnston and Co. All Strathnaver's immigrants, except the single girls, will be put on Somes' Island for the present. There were six deaths, all infants, and four births during the voyage.