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New Zealand Herald October 15th 1883

The iron clipper ship Hermione, after but a short absence from this port, has again entered an appearance. On her previous visits to this portthe Hermione was considered a very good specimen of an iron merchantman and she has suffered nothing in appearance since then. The sailing capabilities of this ship were then considered of as ? order, and her present voyage  - one of the most successful she has yet accomplished - has added to her repute in this respect. This run out has been made in 84 days from the channel, and 83 days from port to port, and this although the weather at all times was not the most favourable which could be desired. As upon previous trips, so upon the present one, the Hermione came into port with Captain Roberts in charge of the quarter deck, and it is almost needless to say that he has again added to his good repute as a popular master with passengers, those on board on the present tripspeaking in very kindly terms of the courtesy and attention shown them throughout the voyage. The passage out hass been an uneventful one, devoid of all interest, excepting those incidental to ship life. The passengers have all enjoyed good health throughout. Owing to the strong W S W gale blowing and the tide, the ship was brought to an anchor under the lee of the North Head, at ? pm yesterday, where she will now remain until after inspection by the Health Officer, for for whom she had her flag flying on arrival. The Hermione has come into port clean, and in creditable order. She brings ? saloon, 24 second class, and 59 steerage passengers. The Hermione left the East India Docks July 11th, and proceeded to Greenhithe, adjusted compasses, and towed to Gravesend.