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The Southern Cross February 15th 1861

The Zealandia arrived in port on Wednesday evening, still under the able command of Captain Foster. Her dates are: the docks, 31st October; the line, Nov. 27, in long 260 20' W; Cape St Augustino, on the South American coast, Dec 1st; the meridian of the Cape, Dec 24th, in lat 440 4'. Easting was run down between the 45th and 60th parallel, and fair winds experienced during the greater part of the time. The highest latitude was 600. Between Van Diemen's Land and new Zealand the winds were light and variable. The Three Kings were made on the 11th Feb. The Zealandia spoke the Prince of Wales, 85 days out, on the 8th Jan., in lat 460 S., long 950 E; and the Runnymede, whaler, from the Bay of Islands (we believe), on the 26th Jan., between this and Van Diemen's Land, two months out with one fish. The Zealandia has had a healthy voyage. One passenger died shortly after leaving England; but the rest of the passengers, nearly 200 in number, seem all the better for their cruise.