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The New Zealander April 6th 1853

The ship William, from California, was signaled on Saturday afternoon and anchored in the evening under the North Head where she remained all night and came to her anchorage in the harbour on Sunday.  The William is 72 days from San Francisco whence she sailed with 154 passengers for Sydney and Melbourne on 21 January and touched at Honolulu on 16 February and left again on the 20th.  She arrived off the Feejee Islands on 9 March where she encountered a violent hurricane of nearly four days duration in which she had all three topgallant masts and fore-top-mast carried away, was hove on her beam ends, the quarter-boat smashed and much other damage done to the vessel – so great was the violence of the gale when first it struck her that the sails were carried clean off the years in a few minutes -  In this crippled state she passed between some of the islands of the group and providentially escaped the many dangerous reefs by which she was surrounded.   But for her being a fine staunch sound vessel (standing A1 at Lloyds) she could hardly have outlived  the fury of the prolonged gale.  It is pleasing to state that no accident occurred during the storm nor indeed since she set sail from San Francisco.  A birth took place on board a few days before her arrival here.