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Wellington Independent January 7th 1869

The Wild Duck, Captain Bishop, from London, arrived in port on Tuesday afternoon. She left the Downs on the 1st October, discharged pilot next day, and left the Channel on the 3rd, crossing the Equator on the 31st ofthe same month; ran down her easting between the parallels of 420 and 490 south, making the land near Cape Farewell on the 4th inst. She experienced a severe gale from due east on the 2nd, with barometer below 29 00, being at that time 140 miles due west from Cape Farewell; met with only trifling damage, except the loss of fore-topsail. The voyage throughout has been of the average kind as regards gales of wind, &c., with no casualties to report, except the death of the ship's carpenter, G Coghlan, who died very suddenly on the 10th November, from heart disease. The Wild Duck brings a variety of birds for the Provincial Government, and carries a large cargo, consigned to Messrs Levin and Co.

Wellington Independent January 7th 1869

The following testimonial was presented to Captain Bishop, by the passengers on board the Wild Duck:-  Wellington, 5th January, 1869. The cabin passengers on board the ship Wild Duck, on the termination of this her tenth successful trip to New Zealand, under the command of Captain Bishop, feel it their duty before parting from him, to express their grateful thanks for the uniform kindness he has shewn them during the voyage. They feel that they are deeply indebted to himfor his kind forethought in anticipating their every want, and having been supplied with a liberality seldom if everequalled. And though it does not become those who are ignorant of nautical affairs to offer testimony on subjects beyond their knowledge, the successful completion of the voyage after extraordinary freedom from misadventure of any kind, is in their opinion a strong proof of his powers of seamanship and special aptitude for the command of a passenger or and other ship.

They conclude with their best wishes for the prosperity and welfare of himself and all belonging to him, believing as they do that few officers in command of a vessel could have shewn more solicitude for the best welfare of those under his charge. They respectfully desire Captain Bishop to convey their thanks to his officers and crew, by whom he has been ably assisted during the voyage. John E Weld, A Alexander, M A Hall, Edwin Stoine, J Edmondson, E Weld, E Jenkyn, B Ruseley, H Penny, H Gowing, M Fawns, H Dymork, E Fawns, D Strachan, Mrs Daniel, Kate Davin, C Heath, A Nicholson, C Portway.

Wellington Independent January 7th 1869

The crew and passengers of the ship Wild Duck raised a subscription for the widow of the carpenter of that vessel, who died on the 10th of November of disease of the heart, amounting to the handsome sum of fourteen guineas, which will be forwarded to the bereaved woman by bank draft by first opportunity.

Wellington Independent January 7th 1869

A large quantity of English birds which were shipped per Wild Duck for the Provincial Government have safely arrived. They consist chiefly of starlings, blackbirds, thrushes a few small birds, and a dozen pheasants. The whole of the partridges unfortunately died during the passage.