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New Zealand Spectator & Cook's Strait Guardian January 9th 1864

The ship "Wild Duck" - The favorite clipper ship Wild Duck, Captain Bishop, from London, arrived in port yesterday, after a favourable passage of 102 days from the Downs. She left Gravesend on the 19th September, came to an anchore in the Downs on the 20th, experienced hard gales until the 28th, when she left the Downs, experienced heavy gales from the westward all down the Channel, and cleared the land on the 12th October; experienced very light weather to the equator, which was crossed on the 8th November; experienced favourable weather to the meridian of the Cape, which was passed in 340 E on the 9th December; after which experienced strong gales, and the first land sighted was Cape Farewell, which was seen at 0 o'clock on the morning of the 7th instant, had a fine breeze through the Strait, and worked into port in fine style against a strong N W breeze, and carried away her fore top sail yard jst as she rounded Point Halswell. She brings 17 saloon and 35 steerage passengers. No births or deaths occurred during the passage, and the passengers have all arrived in good health, and express themselves in high terms of the courtesy and attention of Captain Bishop, Dr Layton, and the other officers of the ship, during the voyage, and having presented Captain Bishop with a testimonial expressing their thanks. This is the 5th voyage of the Wild Duck from London to this port, and long may she and her gallant commander continue in the trade. She is advertised to load with wool , &c, for London direct, and will commence taking in cargo immediately on the discharge of her inward cargo.


DEAR SIR - Before going ashore, we cannot forebear communicating to you unitedly, in this form, our sense of your kindness and courtesy to us during a pleasant, though somewhat protracted, from London to this port, and of your unwearied and remarkable attention to the sailing of the vessel, without which the passage would no doubt have been considerably longer than it has been. With the most hearty wishes for your prosperity and happiness in future, whether afloat or ashore, we remain, &c.,

H Pilcher J Fenton
L O'Halloran
M Watt
Henry J Evans, late Lieut.,
25th Regiment
H E Boor A Logan
A McLean E Green
H Phillips H Puslow
James A Taylor J J Fells
Lieut J Rutherford Mrs A Logan
A K Arnot Mrs D Hastings
J A Burnett Mrs Thompson
G Walmsley Mrs H Adams
A Chaytor M Macguire
W A Lucena P Kelly
Miss McDonald Mrs Kelly
Miss McDonald