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New Zealand Spectator & Cook's Strait Guardian January 16th 1861

The ship Wild Duck, Captain Bishop, one of Messrs Shaw Saville & Co's Passenger Line, arrived in port yesterday morning from London, after a favourable passage of 89 days from land to land, and 101 days from port to port. she left Gravesend on the 1st October, and meeting with contrary winds in the channel, put into St Helen's, Isle of Wight, which place she left on the 6th October, and the Scilly Isles on the 11th. Experienced light westerly winds until striking the N E trades, which were unusually light, and crossed the Equator on the 29th day from the land. From thence she experienced tolerably favourable wind, with the usual accompaniements of storms and calms and made Stewart's Island on the 8th instant, where she was becalmed 24 hours, when the late S S E gale struck her. She ran up from thence with a heavy gale and thick rainy weather in 48 hours, making the land at lest than a mile distance, and owing to the thick weather mistook Sinclair Head for Cape Taourakira, when she ran into Cook's Strait, and in consequence of the heavy weather experienced was unable to get back until Sunday afternoon, when she anchored under the lighthouse, and came into port on Tuesday morning. There has been three deaths on board during the passage, two seamen and an infant; one of the seamen fall overboard, and the other died partly of injuries received by being thrown over the wheel and partly by epileptic fits, to which he was subject, and died in one of them. The Wild Duck brings out 75 passengers and a full cargo of general merchandise, and she has come into port in first rate trim; among her passengers are Mrs John Johnston and family. The Wild Duck left here on the 10th May last with a full cargo for London and has returned with a full cargo, having been absent only 8 months and 4 days.