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Daily Southern Cross

The ship War Spirit, 1234 tons register, J. R. Luckes, commander from London, left Gravesend on the evening of the 12th March; passed through the Downs on the 14th; pilot left the ship off Dartmouth on the 18th; crossed the equator on the 7th April. Got the S.E. trade winds in 6? degrees South, lasted only three days and a half, then light contrary winds to 32 degrees South. Passed the meridian of Greenwich on the 4th May in 44 degrees South. Ran down the easting in 45 degrees South. Came south of Tasmania and from Tasmania to this port. Had nothing but alternate heavy N.E. gales and calms, and light contrary winds. Sighted North Cape on the 22nd. instant. Passage 98 days from land to land; and 104 days from the Downs to Auckland. The War Spirit brings 222 passengers of all classes, in medical charge of Dr. J.F. Deck. Had seven births during the passage and one death, a German by an accident during a fearful gale of wind encountered in latitude 30 degrees South longitude 157 degrees east. Ship rose on the top of a very high sea and took a tremendous lurch to leeward, breaking away hen-coops, pig pens, &c., from their lashings which unfortunately fell on him, causing such severe injuries, that he died in two hours. There has been general good health, amongst the passengers during the voyage, and no deaths with the above melancholy exception. The following ships were spoken on this voyage: 6th April, in latitude 1 degree 06' north, longitude 26 degrees west, Dutch barque Whampos, from Batavia to Rotterdam, 90 days out; much sickness on board; supplied her with medicines, &c. 7th April, in latitude 0 degrees 30' south longitude 27 degrees west, French ship Charles Georges, from Mareilies to Bourbon, 38 days out. 20th May, latitude ... 40 degrees 04' south, longitude 66 degrees east, Dutch barque Henrietta Gertruida, from Amsterdam to B....... days out, all well.