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The Evening Post November 23rd 1880

A ship was signalled at the heads early this afternoon, and there was some doubt for a time as to whether it was the Pieione or the Wairoa, the former having left on the 15th of August and the latter 3 days later. The arrival of the Huia from Wanganui, however seems to have settled the doubt, as the captain of that steamer asserts that the ship was the Wairoa. She is not likely to get into harbour to-night unless the wind changes. The Huia reports that it is blowing very hard outside. The Wairoa is one of the New Zealand Company's fleet, and is under the command of Captain Adams.

The Evening Post November 24th 1880

The ship Wairoa was towed into harbour at 3 o'clock this morning by the steamer Grafton. From the report kindly supplied to us by Captain Adams we learn that she left the South West India Docks, London, on the 18th August, and passed Start Point on the 20th. Madeira was sighted on the 29th August, and passed at a distance of about three miles, giving the passengers a good view of the land. The Equator was crossed on the 22nd September, and having a favourable trade wind, rapid progress was made to the southward. On 8th October passed the Island of Tristan da Cunha. When abreast of Tasmania, on 9th November, the vessel met with easterly winds and contrary weather. On 15th November, lat 46 deg S, long 155 deg 53 min E,a heavy westerly gale was experienced with high cross sea. With this exception the passage was the finest one Captain Adams ever remembers making. In conclusion he wished to thank Dr. Gould the surgeon, for his kindness and attention to the passengers, crew and officers, during the voyage. The death of the steward will be found referred to in our local columns. The Wairoa was berthed at the wharf this afternoon.