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The Auckland Chronicle March 25th 1843

The "Union" barque, Mark Todd, commander, arrived here on Thursday evening, direct from London, with emigrants. Cabin passengers --- Mr and Mrs Bolland, Mr Philip Wright, Mr Henry Govett [became Archdeacon of Taranaki in 1858], Marianne Reay, Charles Reay, and Jane Reay. - Intermediate, --- Mr and Mrs Hardy and child, Mr Wilkinson, Mr Lewis Williams, and Mr Christopher Wiltshire. Twenty-six bounty emigrants, and twenty-two steerage passengers. The vessel left Gravesend on the 18th October, and by stress of weather was compelled to put up in Cowes, where she left on the 29th October.

We have London papers to the date of the "Union" leaving Cowes, but later intelligence has been received by the "Glenverbie", at Sydney, and the "King William", at Hobart Town.