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The Otago Witness November 20th 1880

The Albion Company's splendid ship Timaru, from London, under contract to Messrs Shaw Savill and Co., arrived off Otago Heads at daybreak on November 11th, and was boarded by Pilot Paton at 6am. She was at once tendered by the SS Plucky, and towed up to the anchorage against a fresh south-west breeze. On reaching Grassy Point she was boarded by Mr J Monson, the surveyor of Customs, and all being well, was at once cleared in. The Press representatives, who were quickly alongside, were cordially welcomed by Captain Taylor, who, with that ready courtesy which has always distinguished him, at once supplied them with the details of the voyage out. The Timaru show indisputable signs of the terrible weather she has encountered, and we feel sure that one and all of the passengers feel deeply grateful to Captain Taylor for his skilful seamanship and ready tact in saving them from many of the effects which necessarily attend a passage of this kind. The vessel left Gravesend with 40 passengers and 2200 tons of cargo for Otago on August 14th; and although she has made (for her) the rather long passage of 88 days from anchor to anchor, we consider that she has done remarkably well, particularly when we call to mind the fact that she met with poor success across the bay of Biscay, only picking up the North-east trades in latitude 32 north, and meeting a terrific hurricane in the heart of them; while the S E trades were but light and fickle. As we have before stated, our old friend Captain Taylor is still in command, while Mr Campbell is chief officer, Mr Corrigan second, and Mr Flint third. The old chief steward and providore, Mr Polock is still with Captain Taylor, and has, as usual, done his duty manfully to the passengers committed to his charge. The chief officer is Mr Campbell, and old and excellent servant of the Company, who first came here as chief of the ship Marlborough, under Captain Anderson, and whom we sincerely congratulate on his rehabitation in Messrs Patrick Henderson and Co's service. The second officer is our old friend Mr Corrigan, and the third Mr Flint.