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The New Zealander July 28th 1858

The clipper barque Swordfish, in honourable maintenance of her early reputation as one of the fastest ships out of the port of Liverpool, arrived in harbour on Sunday shortly after noon and after the smartest passage that has been made since, some three years back, the Rock City entered our waters.  The arrival of this vessel took us all by surprise, for though the day was bright and clear, there was no very lengthened premonitory signal to notify her approach.  She left the St Katherine’s Docks on 17 April, sailed from the Down on 21st, took her final departure from the Start on 24th, from whence she has been 91 days in completing her passage.  On the 13th day she was abreast of Madeira and on the 33rd day she crossed the equator.  On 17 June she fetched the meridian of the Cape of Good Hope and ran down her easting which was a capital one, her greatest days work being 275 knots with a daily average of 220 knots.  On 4, 5 & 6 June very heavy hailstorms were encountered.   She spoke no vessels, nor did she sight any land from the time of leaving the Start until she made the Three Kings on Wednesday last at 5 a.m.  Since that time the weather proved very fine with light winds.   Off the North Cape on Wednesday evening, passed a large brig.  She is a very fine ship of her class, with superior accommodations, ample space in-board and comes into harbour in a state of the most creditable cleanliness.  She brings in addition to some ordnance stores and a general cargo of merchandise a fine thoroughbred entire horse from the stud of Lord Hawked, named “Towton”, the property of Mr NEWTON a passenger [?].  There is also a splendid yearling bull named ‘Havelock’.  Both animals are in excellent order and condition.