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The Taranaki Herald December 8th 1852

The barque St Michael, arrived off New Plymouth on Thursday morning. In the afternoon the pilot, Mr Watson, boarded her. The barque was four months and a half from London, having sailed from Gravesend on the 14th of July. She had called in at the island of Madeira for two families and some cargo, which place she left on the 2nd August.

She sighted Tristan de Cunah and Van Diemen's Land; and brings fifty two emigrants for New Zealand, forty seven of them we have the pleasing duty to announce are for New Plymouth, together with 220 tons of cargo.

The voyage, though protracted, was a pleasant one. The barque was detained in the tropicson account of contrary winds, but the weather was so beautiful that for 83 days, the voyagers were able to take their meals on deck.

The English news brought by the St Michael has been forestalled by previous arrivals, via Sydney. We are informed however, that the Hon., E B Portman brings important despatches for the Governor-in-Chief of new Zealand. They are presumed to relate to the New Constitution, which we may consequently expect to hear of early, in an official shape.

She has brought one of the largest mails that ever came into the settlement.

The Pasengers speak in high terms of the Officers, and we have much pleasure in giving publicity to the testimonials and replies in our shipping intelligence, proving how well satisfied all on board were, with the treatment they received from the principal officers.

It is long since any vessel has come direct to this place from England, and we believe the settlement is indebted to the good report and interest taken in its welfare by Mr Vickers, Messrs Willis's agent for this place, for this un-looked for event. We cannot over-estimate the advantages this place will derive from an arrangement which might give her a fair share of first arrivals.

The Taranaki Herald December 8th 1852

Testimonial to the Captain:
      We the undersigned, passengers by the St Michael, from London to New Zealand, wish hereby to testify to Captain Prance, commander of the said vessel, our esteem for his kindness and urbanity to each and all of us during our somewhat lengthened voyage; as likewise for his vigilance and care for our safety and protection, under circumstances occasionally not a little trying and difficult. We feel sincere pleasure in signing this testimonial to Captain Prance, and wish him every happiness, present and future.
- Signed by 35 of the passengers.

The Captain's reply:
To the Passengers of the barque St Michael:
      I beg to present to you my thanks for the kind manner in which you have come forward in the signatures of the above testimonial which I believe is in sincerity and good feeling towards me, and I have much pleasure in returning you my good wishes for your welfare in the country of your adoption.
                                                                                                                                                       Your very truly,
                                                                                                                                                              R W Prance

Testimonail to the Doctor
                                                                                                                                                                Off New Plymouth,
                                                                                                                                                                      December 2, 1852.
      We the undersigned passengers by the St Michael, from London to New Zealand, wish hereby to present to Dr Wade, surgeon of the said vessel, our thanks for his kindness and attention to us during our voyage. We congratulate him and ourselves on the freedom from sickness which has happily accompanied us during our somewhat long passage, and wish him every success and prosperity in his future undertakings.
- Signed by 28 of the passengers

The Doctors reply:
To the passengers of the St Michael
      Ladies and Gentlemen, - I beg to return you my thanks for the honour you have done me by the above testimonial, and to express to you my sincere wishes for your prosperity.
                                                                                                                                                 I am your obedient servant,
                                                                                                                                                                     W S Wade