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Evening Post September 27th 1879

Messrs Shaw, Savill & Co's., fine ship St Leonards, under the command of our old friend Captain Tod, was brought up close to the wharf by Pilot Holmes at 9:30 this morning, and berthed this afternoon by Pilot Sims. The St Leonards has made a longer trip then usual, occupying 109 days. There was no sickness of a serious nature on board, and the passengers all appear to have arrived in excellent and spirits. There are no Govermnet immigrants on board. The St Leonards left Gravesend on the 9th June and landed the Channel pilot on the 12th, off Dartmouth. Adverse winds and calms prevailed until the 1st July, when the N E trade winds were experienced in lat 29deg N and long 21deg W., lasting as far as 9deg N; got the S E trades in 2deg N on the 15th July and crossed the Equator next day in long 23deg W. These winds proved moderatelt strong, and continued to 24th July; passed the cape meridian on 9th August, and Tasmania on 11th September. Since losing the S E trades she had, with the exception of one gale, a continuation of light winds and remarkably fine weather. The above- mentioned gale was encountered on 19th August, in long 58 E, and caused so heavy a sea that after running 24 hours she had to heave-to for two days; during the gale two boats were washed out of the davits and a third literally smashed to pieces on the deck; the cabin windows broken in, the saloon flooded, a great part of the top gallant bulwarks carried away, and a considerable portion of the livestock washed overboard or drowned, despite other slight damage about the deck. On 12th September, long 151 E, experienced a heavy gale from N N E and N, with heavy easterly sea; from thence, light northerly and easterly winds, with rainy weather and dense fogs until the 25th, when Cape Farewell was passed; northerly winds with rain and thick weather to Cape Terawiti; from thence S E winds with heavy rain and thick weather to Baring Head, which was made at 1pm on the 26th; the weather proving too thick to make the entrance, stood off until it cleared; boarded by Pilot Holmes at 7:30 this morning, abreast of Barret's Reef.