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The New Zealander December 8th 1858

The barque Spirit of Trade from the Cove of Cork 3 August, arrived in harbour on Saturday morning after a tedious passage of 122 days.  She sighted Madeira  on 15 August, standing so close in shore as to be able to send letters.  She experienced very indifferent NE trades, losing them but falling in with the SE trades; these however were as poor as the NE trades and hung so far to the southward that they broke off the ship towards the Brazilian coast.  Crossed the equator on 9 September, having been 37 days out.  Within the verge of the southern tropic experienced a very heavy SW and southerly sea and struggled against a long continuance of easterly winds .  Passed the meridian of the Cape on 22 October, experiencing very fair weather.  Passed to the southward of Tasmania on 20 November and made the Three Kings on Monday 29th; was baffled by calms and light airs from the south and SSE ever since.  On 6 September signalled the French ship Robust from Bombay to Marseilles, 126 days out and short of provisions, with which Capt MacCULLOCH (sic) supplied her.  There have been six deaths during the passage, all of children under two years of age, chiefly from the effects of measles.   There have been 6 births; and the general health of the ship has been good.   She brings drafts of the Royal Artillery, consisting of Lieut McNaughten, 21 men, 10 women and 51 children; and 26 men, 11 women and 5 children of the 65th, under the command of Capt Barton of that Regiment, Staff Surgeon Niven being in medical charge of the troops.  She is a fine wholesome looking ship, with good length and great beam and a very likely sailer.  Her protracted passage is mainly attributable to the light and adverse weather she has had to contend with.