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The New Zealander May 28th 1853

This fine barque arrived in port from London in the course of Wednesday afternoon after an average passage of 120 days from Cowes.  The Paget sailed from London on 6 December and left Gravesend on 9th; and after some detention, sailed from the Downs on 18th.  Her passage down Channel proved an exceedingly boisterous one, she having experienced a succession of heavy westerly gales which drove her into Cowes from whence she took her final departure on 24 January.  In rounding the south part of Van Diemen’s Land the weather proved very tempestuous.  A sea broke on board and smashed the booby hatch, fortunately doing do further damage.  She brings 50 passengers, several of whom we believe are destined for New Plymouth.  The following ships were spoken by the Paget:  19 February, spoke Swedish brig Arendt, 26 days from Cowes to Cape of Good Hope;  15 March, barque Hastings, 51 days from London to Calcutta; 5 May, ship Sea, 82 days from Liverpool to Port Phillip.