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The Evening Post October 10th 1877

The barque Schiehallion, Captain Levack, from London, was signalled at 5pm yesterday, and was very shortly afterwards boarded by Pilot Holmes, who brought her to an anchor at the powder ground by 10pm, having had to beat in. She took her departure from Gravesend on the 3rd July, and the Dons on the 4th. The run down the channel was marked by light westerly winds, Fine weather, with light airs, prevailed to the Equatorr, which was crossed on the 3rd August, , with moderate S E trades. The meridian of the Cape was crossed on the 30th of the same month. Cape Farewell was made on the 8th inst., and she came through the Strait yesterday with a stiff N W breeze. The barque brings a miscellaneous cargo of about 1000 tons; also 10 tons of powder. Her passengers consist of five second cabin and three steerage, who have all arrived in good health, and whose names appear in the usual place. Messrs W & G Turnbull & Co are agents for the Schiehallion.