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The New Zealander July 12th 1856

As we anticipated in our last, the ship signaled throughout the whole of Tuesday proved to be the Sandford from London which came to her anchorage at 9 pm after a tedious and tempestuous passage of 123 days.  She sailed from Gravesend on 7 March and on 11th took her departure from Start Point.  At noon of that day an object was providentially discovered to be floating on the surface of the water and on the ship’s closing it, happily proved to be a human being clinging to a portion of a wreck.  The Sandford at once hove to, a boat was lowered and the poor fellow rescued from a watery grave.   He proved to be the sole survivor of the crew of a Prussian vessel which had come into collision with an English brig and immediately sunk.  Throughout the whole of her passage the Sandford has met with a succession of severe gales.  She crossed the equator on 12 April and the meridian of the Cape on 17 May, from whence to the southern point, Van Diemen’s Land, which she passed on 22 ult., she encountered much heavy weather.  From Van Diemen’s Land the weather continued to be equally tempestuous, hard NE gales driving the ship a long way to the southward.  On Sunday she sighted Cape Maria van Diemen and was off Cape Brett next day, fetching into the gulf at an early hour on Tuesday morning.  She reports the following ships – off the Island of Trinidad, the Carolina, 70 days out, bound for Sydney; also for the same port, the ship Oscar the First, from London 9 March; off the Cape sighted the clipper ship Express homeward bound.