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New Zealand Herald Friday 11th August 1865

The fine ship Rob Roy (Capt. J. C. Sangster) arrived in harbour last night after a passage of 110 days from London, bringing 64 passengers, all in good health and under the medical superintendence of Dr Owen Owen of the 50th Regiment. There were no deaths, but one birth on the passage. The Rob Roy also brings a large cargo particulars of which will be found elsewhere. Messrs. Cruickshank & Co., are her agents. The following is the report of her passage: The Rob Roy left Gravesend on Sunday, 23rd April at noon. Arrived off the Isle of Wight on the 25th where she discharged the pilot 4 pm. She sighted the Lizard on the 26th. From the Lizard to Madeira (which she sighted on the 11th May) she had strong westerly breezes and these she carried to 28o 13' North, where she got the N. E/. Trades.

Passing to the westward of the Cape de Verd Is, she crossed the Equator on the 27th May in 26o 30' W and lost the S. E. Trades in 18o S on 2nd June. From this date to 19th June she had a continuance of variable light winds and calms. Passed the meridian of the Cape in parallel 41o on June 30 running down her Easting to the parallel of 48o with strong westerly gales. She passed the meridian of the South Cape of van Diemans's land without sighting it on the 28th of July, thus making the run from the cape to van Dieman's Land in 28 days.

The Three Kings were sighted on the morning of the 4th August, from which date she has had southerly winds and calms.

The only vessels sighted were the "Giants Causeway" from London bound to Melbourne in 39o 30' S. 10o E on the 29th June in company four days; and the "Carisbrook" From South Shields bound to Point de Galle, 28 days out. H. M. SS "Falcon" was passed on Sunday last rounding Cape Brett.

The Rob Roy will enter inwards at the customs today, and commence discharging tomorrow.