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The Star January 8th 1880

This vessel arrived in harbour last night, 97 days from Glasgow, all well. She brings eight passengers and a large cargo, together with three Clydesdale entires. The Remonstrant is consigned to Mr C W Turner.

The Star January 9th 1880

This barque arrived in harbour on Wednesday night, after a 97 days' passage. The Remonstrant is a very handsome iron-built clipper of 1044 tons register and is now on her second voyage. ; r She was built in 1878 by Messrs Robert Thompson & Sons, Sunderland for her ownrs, Messrs Conway and Co. Liverpool. she is a fine roomy vessel, with a good clear deck, comfortable saloon and large iron house on deck and is in excellent order everywhere. She has about 1500 tons of cargo aboard, amongst which is a quantity of 24 inch iron pipes, besides a large consignment of drain pipes. In addition to her cargo the vessel brings three Clydesdale entires, and her passenger list numbers eight all told, four saloon and four second cabin. The vessel comes consigned to Mr C W Turner. The master is Captain Stoddart, who makes his first visit here; his chief officer is Mr Linton, also a stranger to this port. The vessel has met with some heavy weather on the passage, especially when running down her easting, some heavy seas finding their way on board. During one heavy gale on Dec 15, a sea broke aboard and smashed in one of the horse boxes, washing the horse out onto the deck. The animal was secured, fortunately, before he received any injuries, except, a few cuts, and bruises, and for one and a half hours he was slunk in the fore rigging, while repairs to his box were being made. No other accidents happened on the pasage. The following are the particulars of the passage, which were kindly supplied by Mr Linton, the chief officer, in Captain Stoddart's absence - left Glasgow on Oct 1, and Tail of the Bank same day, towing right out to sea and casting off from the tug on Oct, 2. Had southerly winds and unsettled weather to making the Western Islands, thence fine weather to meeting with the nortli-east trades, in 28 north 29 west, on Oct 21. They were moderate, and carried the vessel to 10 north on Oct, 27. Thence variable winds and heavy rain to crossing the Line on Nov 6, in 28 west. Got the south east trades in 2 north; they were good, and held to 20 south 28 west on Nov 14. From there had variable southerly winds and squally weather. Sighted Tristan d'Acunha on Nov 25, and thence to 110 east, on Dec 21, had heavy westerly rains. The Cape of Good Hope was passed on Dec 1. From 110 east, had light winds and calms to passing the meridian of Tasmania, when the wind came away again fresh from the westward to sighting the Snares on Sunday Jan 4. Light winds up the coast to arrival in harbour at 8.30 pm onWednesday. No vessels bound to the Colonies were spoken with on the passage.

The Star January 10th 1880

6) Pipe laying is suspended for want of pipes, as those in the Remonstrant are not yet landed.

8) The material for the pumping station, out of the Remonstrant and Pleiades, is being landed and stored at Matheson's road.

The Star January 13th 1880

3) The ship Remonstrant has arrived with the iron sewer pipes, part of the machinery, and a quantity of cement and drain pipes.

The Star January 19th 1880

Two of the Clydesdales imported from Glasgow by the barque Remonstrant are still on board that vessel. They are not allowed to land on account of their owner being without a veterinary surgeon's certificate from the port of shipment as to their freedom from disease,.

The Star January 20th 1880

The horses on board the Remonstrant have been passed by the Inspecting Veterinary Surgeon, and will be landed to-day.

The Star March 10th 1880

(Before Joseph Boswick, Esq, R.M.) Assault - James Linton, mate of the barque Remonstrant, was charged by Captain Stoddart with being absent without leave, wilful disobedience of orders, and assault. Mr H. N, Nalder appeared for the complainant. The offences were proved, and Mr Nalder stated that Captain Stoddart did not wish to press the charge on account of the accused's wife and family, on the undcrstanding that accused took his discharge from the ship. The Bench consented to this course of action being taken, but  spoke in very strong terms of the disgraceful conduct of the accused.