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The Southern Cross May 18th 1860

The splendid White Star liner "Red Jacket," Capt. S Reed, Commander, arrived in harbour yesterday afternoon from Melbourne. She left the said port on the morning of Sunday, the 6th instant, at ten o'clock, sighted the Three Kings on Monday last, and has since experienced light winds from the S E and E S E. The Red Jacket's performances are already so well known in the colonies that any recapitulation would be superflous. At the same time, we may say that she is the finest merchant vessel which has ever come into New Zealand waters.

The "Red Jacket" brings us intelligence of the arrival of the English mail in the neighbouring Colonies. By the courtesy of Captain Reed we are in receipt of papers containing the telegram received at Melbourne, and published on the 5th, containing a summary of the month's news, which will be found in another column.