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Lyttelton Times June 18th 1879


The New Zealand Shipping Company's chartered ship Red Gauntlet, Captain Bowie, arrived from London yesterday, with 13 passengers and a large cargo of general merchandise. The ships passage has been a long one, 132 days having elapsed from the date of her leaving Gravesend. She was detained in Portland Road for five days, having had to put in there to land her chief officer and some of her crew owing to sickness. Th eweather at the outset of the passage was very unfavourable, westerly gales being met with in the Channel, and after leaving Portland on February 16 it was not until February 22 that the ship took her final departure from the Start Point, heavy westerly weather having prevailed the whole time. The following is the Captains report on the voyage: - Left Gravesend on February 4, and experienced westerly gales down the Channel. Put into Portland Roads on February 11th with chief officer and eight of the crew sick. Landed the chief officer and five of the crew, and, having shipped others in their places, proceeded on the voyage on February 16. Westerly gales still continued to February 22, and at 6 pm that day the ship took her departure from the Start. Fine weather and strong easterly winds prevailed to 10 deg N 20.49 W. A spell of light wind was then met with to crossing the Equator on March 20. Fell in with South-East trades in 2.40 deg south on March 22. They proved fair, and were finally lost in 22.15 S 30 W on March 30. Variable winds, both as regards strength and direction, then prevailed till April 13, when the wind came from the west.

Passed Gough's Island on April 16 and the meridian of the Cape on April 25, The westerlies were good, and Cape Leuwin was passed on May 14. The wind during the day of May 31 developed a heavy gale. At 10am the heel of the maintopmast gave way above the fid, and the mast settled down about 18in slacking up all the back-stays.

Sighted the Snares on June 8. Sighterd Godley light at 5.30 p m on Monday, and was taken in tow by the PS Lyttelton yesterday morning and brought to anchorage off Diamond Harbour at 10.30am