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The Daily Southern Cross July 31st 1862

The ship ''Queen of the North', Captain Crombie, arrived here yesterday evening from London, bringing with her over 100 passengers and general cargo. She left the Downs on the 9th April, and had easterly winds down the Channel. Caught steady North East trades in 30o north, which carried the ship to 2o north. Crossed the line on the 2ns May, in 20o west. On the 30th April, spoke the ship 'Broadwater', 90 days from China to England, by which a mail was sent. The run to the Equator was quick, occupying only 22 days. The South East trades were unsteady, Made the meridian of the Cape of Good Hope on the 8th June, and ran down the easting between the parallels of 42o and 45o south. The farthest southing made was 46o. From the meridian of the cape to Tasmania experienced heavy gales and unsettled weather. On the 9th June in 44o 26' south, and 24o 58' east, at 10.30am, shipped a heavy sea, which fell on the cabin and sent large quantities of water down the main and after hatches. On Monday, June 16, in 42o 2' south and 53o 21' east took a heavy sea on the starboard quarter, which washed away the binnacle, wheel, and gratings, and broke the glass of the skylights, sending down much water into the fore and after saloons, and almost washing away the man at the wheel. Another heavy sea was shipped after that, which did some damage, washing away some hen coops, and breaking in the fore and after cabin skylights. On Friday, the 27th June, 41o 36' south, 95o 54' east, signaled the ship 'Gray's', Liverpool to Melbourne, out 87 days. Sighted the South West Cape of Tasmania on the 16th July, at 9am, bearing N E, distant 26 miles. From thence to the new Zealand coast had more than a week of northerly weather. Sighted the Three Kings at 9am on the 28th; on Tuesday morning was off Cape Brett; was abreast of the Poor Knights at noon; passed the Little Barrier at 6pm; brought up at 7, and at 10pm, hove to close under Tiri. At daylight yesterday made way, and beat up against the wind, fetching the anchorage at 6pm. The passengers were healthy throughout

There are no signs of the 'Blundell' yet, nor the 'Royal Charlie', although much overdue.