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New Zealand Herald September 1st 1864

This splendid clipper, in command of Capt. Peters, arrived in harbour last night, after another excellent run of 94 days from the Downs, thus fully keeping up her reputation of being a fast vessel, her last passage to this port being made in 81 days.

The following are the particulars of her voyage: Sailed from the Downs on the 28th May, taking her final departure from the Start Point on the 1st June.

Passed inside the Cape de Verdi Islands without sighting them and experienced very poor and light NE trades. Cross the Equator on the 23rd June, in longitude 28(W. The SE trades also proved indifferent and baffling. Sighted the Island of Tristan D’Acunha on her 46th day out and crossed the meridian of the Cape of Good Hope on her 56th day out. Ran down her easting between the parallels of 46( and 49(, experiencing fine light weather throughout.

Passed to the southward of Tasmania without sighting it on her 76th day out from the Start. The first land made on this coast was Cape Maria Van Diemen, which she sighted on Sunday last and has since been baffled on the coast by light winds and calms, having been ever since Sunday night fetching from Cape Brett.

The Portland brings an addition to our population of some 230 souls, all in good health and under the medical charge of Dr Corbett. There were no deaths, but seven births during the passage and the ship has arrived in port in a very clean and creditable condition.

The Portland is consigned to Messrs Cruickshank Smart & Co.