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The Evening Post February 20th 1890

The barque Peri, Captain J Steel, from London, anchored in harbour at 6 last evening, and berthed alongside the Queen's Wharf early this morning. She left London on 13th Nov., and cleared Gravesend on the 15th; passed the Start ofn the 18th, Cape Verde Islands on 4th Dec., crossed the Equator on 13th, in 29dg W., and on the 5th Jan., when off Tristan d'Acunah, experienced fresh gale, which carried away the jib boom and main top-gallent yard. On the 13th Jan., a seaman named J E Peterson fell overboard and was drowned; particulars of the occurrence will be found in another column. Sighted the Snares on the 18th inst and had light variable weather up the coast.

The Evening Post February 20th 1890

On the voyage of the barque Peri, which arrived in harbour last evening from London, a seaman named J E Petersen fell overboard and was drowned. The accident occurred on the 13th January while he was engaged in setting up the gear connected to a new jib-boom, which was necessitated owing to the old one having carried away during a heavy squall a few days previously. His fall was unobserved by those on board, but he was seen in the water hanging on to the patent log which was at the time dragging astern. His weight, however, was too great a strain on the line, and it carried away. On the alarm being given the vessel was hove to, and a boat left the ship about seven minutes later. He was then 200 to 300 yards astern, but the unfortunate man sank before the boat could reach him, and he was not seen again, although the boat pulled around the spot for two hours. The weather at the time of the accident was very cold and the man was heavily clad.