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Otago Daily Times July 15th 1878

The ship Panmure, which arrived off Otago Heads on the afternoon of 12th July, was towed across the bar at 1 pm on the same day, and anchored in the Powder ground at midnight. She was cleared in by Customs at an early hour on the following morning, and at once commenced discharging her powder (of which she brought 50 tons) into the schooner Ark. The Panmure is a remarkably handsome iron ship, of 1500 register tons, and is now on her fourth trip, the first having been from London to Calcutta. She was built at Glasgow in 1875, by the well known firm of Alexander, Stephens and Son, for Mr D Bruce of Dundee, and has been commanded by Captain Downie since she came off the stocks. All the latest improvements in labour-saving appliances have been placed on board, and the Panmure is the tout ensemble of a modern merchantman. The lower masts and yards are of iron, and from her appearance she is undoubetdly not only a weatherly ship, but a clipper ship. Of her qualities she has given suficient proof during the passage across the Southern Ocean, where she encountered some terrific weather, which has left an unmistakable impress on the good ship, which, not withstanding the previous gales she has had to battle against, has made the passage out in 92 days from land to land, and 97 days from  port to port. We are indebted to Captain Downie for his courtesy in supplying our representative with the following abstract of the vessel's passage from his private journal:-