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The Evening Post April 30th 1890

The N Z S Co's., ship Opawa, Capt Hamon,, arrived off the Heads early this morning, but, owing to the stiff N W wind, has not been able to get in yet. She is reported as having left London on the 12th January.

The Evening Post May 1st 1890

The N Z S Co's., ship Opawa, from London, which anchored off the Heads on Tuesday evening, was towed into harbour by the Mana last evening and berthed this morning. She left London on 13th January, and had a continuance of westerly gales in the Channel up to the 29th, when she took her departure from the Lizard; met with light N E wind to passing Madeira on 7th February; had light N winds from 7dg N to crossing Equator on 21st, and moderate S E trades, which were lost in 22dtg S; thence moderate winds to passing meridian of Greenwich on 18th March; passed the Cape on 24th, when strong gales were met, which continued to the meridian of Cape Leuwin on 11th April. On the 31st March, during the worst of the gael, she lost her main topgallant sail and main lower topsail and the topgallant rails and poop ladder were washed away, and the post lifeboat and for'ard deckhouse damaged. She rounded Tasmania on 17th April, and met with fine weather to arrival. Captain J J Hamon is still in command of the vessel, with the following officers :- Chief, T Walsh (late Cingalese); second, Mr Haynes; and refigerating engineer, Mr Greenland. After discharging here the ship goes on to Napier, where a cargo of frozen mutton awaits her arrival for shipment to London.