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New Zealand Herald August 13th 1866

The fine ship Norwood, Captain Bristow, arrived in harbour on Saturday morning last, after a passage of 105 days from London, bringing a full cargo of merchandize and some sixty-five passengers, all in good health, and under the medical charge of Dr Charles C Chyarth, M D.

The Norwood left Gravesend on the 28th April; sighted St Antonio, one of the Cape de Verde Islands, on the 18th may. Had light N E trades, with fine weather from there to the Equator, which was crossed on May 23rd, in longitude 270 0' W, had very light S E trades, and lost them in latitude 210 S., longitude 340 W., crossed the meridian of Greenwich in June 15th, and on the 17th encountered a heavy gale from the south-west; on the 21st had a perfect hurricane from W S W, during which port-quarter galley, top gallant bulwarks, were washed away, and considerable other damage done. Ran down her Easting in parallel 390 with fine weather for the first part, and heavy Easterly winds the latter the latter part; Passed through Bass's Straits on the 28th July, had Easterly winds to this coast, sighting the Hen and Chickens on Friday last, and arrived in harbour on Saturday morning.

This is the third voyage of the Norwood to this port, she having last visited us some three years ago, when she brought the second draft of the 18th Royal Irish; the previous trip was with Captain Mercer's Battery of Artillery. We have much pleasure in welcoming back Captain Bristow, after another successful passage.

There were no deaths on the passage, but one firth on Friday last, when Mrs Howard, second class passenger, was safely delivered of a son.

The Norwood comes consigned tp Messrs E and H Isaacs. Her cargo list will be found in our import columns. Appended is a list of the passengers' names.