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The Daily Southern Cross September 17th 1861

The ship 'Northumberland', 811 tons, Captain Hawkins, arrived on Friday, from London, after a protracted passage of 126 days. She took her departure from London on My 10th; Gravesend, the 11th; Deal, on the 13th; and Portland, on the 21st. Beat down Channel; and experienced good north-east trades. The 'Northumberland' kept to the westward of the Cape de Verdes, and sighted San Antonio on June 2nd. The Equator was crossed in 270 west longitude, on June 13; and shortly after fell in with steady south east trades, with which she run to south latitude 250, west longitude 320. On July 13th the meridian of the Cape of Good Hope was passed in 400 south latitude, and the easting was run down between the parallels of 400 and 410 south. Captain Hawkins reports heavy weather after passing the Cape, the prevailing winds being from the north, north-by-east, and north-west. In a gale from the south-east, in latitude 400 6' south, longitude 540 east, the rudder head was carried away, when the ship was brought up under canvas, and the damage partially repaired. This south-wester was succeeded for three days by a strong north-easter. The rudder again gave way (August 3rd) in south latitude 390 30', east longitude 850, in a south-easter, which continued without abatement for 36 hours. The damage was again repaired, as well as possible. The 'Northumberland' passed through Bass' Straits with a fresh north-easter, having previously sighted King's Island on August 27th. Kent's group was passed on August 30th. The Three Kings were sighted on September 6th, wind from the south-west; and the ship had to beat up the entire length of coast from the North Cape, with a cross seaand heavy weather. Although not a swift ship, the 'Northumberland' is reported to have behaved well in rough weather; she was kept a fortnight under close-reefed topsails. There were no births or deaths on board.

Vessels Spoken:- Captain Hawkins, of the 'Northumberland', reports having spoken the following vessels: August 1st, latitude 400 south, longitude 820 east, exchanged signals with the barque 'Cornelia', from Mauritius to Adelaide, 17 days out; August 4, latitude 390 south, longitude 830 east, spoke the barque 'Zingari', from Sunderland to King George's Sound, 79 days out; September 11th, sighted the barque 'Frowning Beauty', about three leagues from the North Cape, steering west.