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The Star May 29th 1871

The fine iron clipper-built ship Norna, J Scurr, commander, from London, was signalled on saturday, after a passage of 98 days, and anchored just above Rhodes' Bay (having powder on board), at 5:30 pm. The SS Mullough was chartered to go down to the vessel, and left Lyttelton for for that purpose at 5 pm, with Dr Donald, Capt Gibson, and others. On arriving alongside the usual questions were asked, and the vessel cleared. The Norna was remarkably clean, and the passengers accomodation is very good. The passengers speak in the highest terms of the kindness experienced by them from Captain and Mrs Scurr, to whom they presented testimonials.

The following is the captain's report of the voyage:- Embarked passengers and sailed from Gravesend on the 18th February, cast off the steamer on the 20th off Beachy Head, which was bearing north; experienced very heavy S W weather down the channel; sighted the Lizard on the 23rd August; from the 26th to march 3 experienced heavy gales, with heavy seas; passed the Island of Madeira on the 7th March, and lost the N E trade winds on the 17th March, in lat 4 deg. 19 min N., and long 23 deg W., having carried very fine weather from Madeira.; was borded on that day by a boat from the ship Kent from melbourne to London, 63 days out, and supplied that vessel with home papers; crossed the equator on the 27th March, and passed the Cape of Good Hope on the 18th April; thence to Cape Lewin experienced very bad weather, blowing strong gales from N N W to N E, ship being hove-to for four days, and barometer falling from 30.30 to 28.65; passed Cape Lewin on the 14th May, and carried very fine weather until May 24, when a heavy storm struck the ship off Timaru, distant about 30 miles; experienced severe lightening with terrific squalls, followed by hail and rain; weather moderated after 26 hours; sighted Banks Peninsula on the 26th instant, wind being light and variable; sighted the Godley Light at 8 pm, and anchored as above.

The Norna brings a very large cargo,a nd is consigned to Messrs Miles and Co. She has a also a large number of passengers, many of whom are old colonists.